We are excited to have you join the conversation at and our after show micro-podcast, The B-Side.  Instructions below on how you can join the discussion.  But first, click the links below to follow The B-Side on Apple Podcasts or Google Play.  You can also check it out on our Anchor Page.

How to Setup

Step 1

Download the app on
Apple App Store or Google Play

Step 2

Once downloaded, open this link on your device (Phone).  Click the Open App button.

Step 3

Click the Favorite Star on the page that opens.  It will be the jumbleThink page.

Step 4

Click on an episode to listen. Click the 'Call into this station button'.

Step 5

Confirm that you want to call in by clicking the 'Call In Button'

Step 6

Hold the phone up to your ear and start talking.  Follow instruction when finished.