E69 | Ideas start in the shower | Leonard Kim

Most of us never take the time to face our fears.  Leonard Kim thinks we should start with our fears and use those to drive us to greatness.  Ultimately fear should drive us. In part one of our episode we discuss Facing and using your fears to direct you, overcoming failure, Personal branding, Overcoming startup failure, Ice cream, Becoming the expert and thought leader, Why Shortcuts are killing you, Defining Success, and so much more.

E68 | Growing up Jewish in an Amish World | Andy Beckerman

Creating ideas and finding your dream can be a destiny that you don't think is possible in your life.  Andy Beckerman shares his journey into finding his true identity and chasing his dreams, something that he didn't think could ever happen.  In part one of our episode with Andy we discuss comedy, finding your identity, discovery your dreams, getting honest with yourself, dealing with the unexpected, the process of ideas and creativity, getting past your safety net, and so much more.

Andy Beckerman has been writing and performing comedy in New York City since 2009. He recently co-created and executive produced a comedic pilot about race called INSIDE CAUCASIA for truTV and is currently serving as a consultant on Jessica Williams’ Comedy Central pilot. Previously, he has written for shows like THE PETE HOLMES SHOW (TBS) and CEDRIC'S BARBER BATTLE (The CW).

E67 | Making the impossible possible | Leland Jones

Purpose and Passion are somethings that some spend their entire life trying to find.  Leland Jones shares his experience on how you can stop waisting your time and start living your life of destiny.  Ultimately this can lead you to changing the world around you because a human with purpose is unstoppable.  

E66 | Going Beyond Tolerance | Dr. Eric Bryant

On today's episode we discuss Christianity and diversity with Dr. Eric Bryant. Often we focus on our differences and find ourselves divided.  We've settled for tolerance instead of true embrace.  Eric's book, Not Like Me: A Field Guide for a Divided World, is celebrating it's 10th anniversary with a rerelease and update for the challenging times we are facing today.

E64 | Make your Message a Movement | Divya Parekh

Divya Parekh brings over 25 years of rich and varied experiences to her roles as a coach and a speaker. Her professional career includes positions as a university associate professor, scientist, biotechnology professional, and as a global business relationship and leadership coach. She merges her biopharmaceutical career with my extensive experience as a coach, author, consultant, and speaker. Her passion for coaching and the sincere desire to make a positive impact on people led her to develop effective evidence-based leadership and partnership programs.

E63 | The Trial and Error of Innovation | PJ Jonas

PJ Jonas is a business owner, goat-wrangler, entrepreneur, and mother. After getting goats to provide healthy milk for her eight children, she decided to put some excess milk into a batch of handmade soap. That decision was the beginning of Goat Milk Stuff, a growing goat milk products business that has been featured on The Today Show, The Doctors, The Huckabee Show, and in “O”, the Oprah Magazine.

What started with an initial small batch of soap has expanded into a host of goat milk items such as goat milk soaps, cheeses, candies, fudge, gelato and more. It’s a team effort to keep the farm running, make and ship all the products, and welcome visitors to the farm. PJ’s husband, eight children (aged 9 to 19), and six full-time employees, all work hard to promote the goodness of goat milk.

E62 | Making Creativity Personal | Laura Meoli

Laura Meoli is a digital media content creator with 10 years experience. Her achievements include a NY Emmy Award, seven Telly Awards and multiple festival wins for her video projects, "Give a Little", "Women of Action", "Perspective", and the "Granville T. Woods Documentary".

Topics covered in this episode: Creativity, Finding passion, Asking difficult questions, The importance of impact, Living a life with multiple interests, Taking risks, Staying on track, Gratitude, Defining Success, and so much more.

E61 | Building Mind Palaces | Dr. Anthony Metivier

On today's episode we chat with Dr. Anthony Metivier is the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st Century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary, dreams, names, music, poetry and much more in ways that are easy, elegant, effective and fun.

Metivier writes books and creates training for a variety of people who need help with a number of different memory needs. What separates him from other authors on memory skills and development is that he doesn’t focus on long strings of digits or training for memory championships. He offers simple techniques for memorizing the information that will change your daily life: foreign language vocabulary, names and faces, material for tests and exams. There’s no hype in his training, just techniques that work.

E60 | Overcoming Band-Aid Solutions | Christie Lindor

Christie Lindor a 15+year management consultant and blogger focused on people and organizational transformation.  Recently she publishing her first book, The MECE Muse: 100+ selected practices, unwritten rules, and habits of great consultants.  She hosts a pop-up podcast show in preparation for her book launch called The MECE Muse Unplugged. 

Topics covered in this episode: Finding the right mentors, Choosing to be successful, Becoming a mentor, The Mece Principle, Creating a new mindset, Having difficult discussions, The importance of Empathy, and so much more.

E59 | The cost of inefficiency | Gavin Zuchlinski

Have you ever wondered if there is an easier way to do something?  That was the birthplace of Acuity Scheduling.  Gavin Zuchlinski was searching for a way to help his mom become more efficient with scheduling appointments for her customers.  He didn't find the solution, so he built it.  

In 2006 Acuity Scheduling was born.  Along the way they have become the industry leader for business scheduling.  As the company grew, Gavin knew he had to leave the safety of his Cybersecurity job (a job he loved) for the unknown of growing Acuity Scheduling.  They have now served over 50,000 businesses with making their scheduling needs efficient proving that it was worth the risk to create something amazing.

E58 | To Chase the Dream, Burn the Bridge | Dustin Mathews

Sought after by the biggest names in business to monetize their message, mission or movement, business builder and marketing expert Dustin Mathews is THE mentor and coach to the stars. Dustin is the co-founder of Speaking Empire – the disruptive company in the leadership and education space, whose chief mission is advancing the human race by empowering leaders to communicate powerfully, unlock their fullest potential and ultimately step into their Greatness.

Dustin is the author of many bestselling books and has shared the stage with athletes, business celebrities, and titans of business. His latest book  (Co-Authored with Dan Kennedy) the NO B.S. Guide To Powerful Presentations: How To Sell ANYTHING With Webinars & Online Media, Speeches & Seminars (Entrepreneur Press) is set for release on June 13th.

E57 | From Plastic Bottle to Designer Bags | Hamilton Perkins

On today's episode we chat with Hamilton Perkins, founder of the Hamilton Perkins Collection.  He is creating an amazing company making designer bags affordable while also addressing the problems of sustainability and social responsibility.  It all started with someone who wanted to solve a problem.  It has now grown to be a brand that is changing the industry.

Hamilton Perkins Collection was born out of a simple necessity: the need for affordable designer bags that look good, perform well, and make a difference.

Similar to many travelers in the world they had trouble finding a socially conscious bag that met their basic needs in a practical and responsible way. They researched the industry and found that most options were average quality. The majority of the bag makers maintain low prices with high levels of secrecy around how they achieve it. Other bags are excellent quality and cost way too much for the price. What is available to the modern traveler looking to find purpose in every journey?

They founded Hamilton Perkins Collection to be an alternative for travelers on the go.  Most brands look at philanthropy and giving as an afterthought but they see it as an essential part of running a business today.   In collaboration with their workshops and suppliers, they are committed to supporting fair wages and delivering value to less developed nations by sourcing raw materials that divert plastic bottles, save water, add revenue, create jobs in parts of the world that need it the most.  Who says style can't have purpose? From bottles to bags!

Topics covered in this episode: Sustainability, Upcycling, Green Products, Kickstarter and Crowdfunding, How to build an audience, Design, Working with the Clinton Foundation, Philanthropy and changing the world around you, Social Responsibility in Business, and so much more.

Discount Code: jumblethink at www.hamiltonperkins.com

E56 | What's Missing is Urgency | Ilan & Guy Ferdman

On today's episode we talk to Ilan & Guy Ferdman.  They are life coaches, entrepreneurs, podcasters, and speakers.  Ilan and Guy are the founders of Satori Prime and hosts of the Have It All Podcast.  The Have It All Podcast focuses on mastery in business, health, relationships, finances, and mind.  They have been featured in Art of Charm, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, Freedom Fast Lane, Superhuman Entrepreneur, and many other places.  They are life long learners, visionaries, and relentless dreamers.

Topics in this episode: Personal development, Working with Family, Holistic life, Creating a movement, True motivation, Creating a vision, Reaction vs. creation, Living completely in, and so much more.

E55 | Being Future Hackers | Bix and Joe Bickson

Bix and Joe Bickson have worked with leaders and their teams at Starbucks, Guinness, Lululemon, Escada, Goodyear, Microsoft, Linde, and many more. Bix and Joe teach legendary leaders to consistently produce material outcomes. They have reimagined management for today’s and more important, tomorrow’s world.

Future hacking is the management discipline that provides leaders with the essential tools required to push past what is in the way of creating and fulfilling the future. Bix and Joe have lead many “turn-arounds” of organizations ranging in size from 100 to over 10,000, with revenues of a few million dollars to over a billion.

E54 | Friendship & Fashion | Alessandra Perez-Rubio & Louisa Rechter

In a sea of countless ready-to-wear brands, MESTIZA is the forefront of authenticity and true embracement of culture. Inspired by a shared heritage, co-founders and best friends, Alessandra and Louisa, created the brand to bridge the gap between elevated statement cocktail attire and a contemporary price point.

Louisa and Alessandra met in college, where they bonded over their shared roots in the Philippines – Alessandra grew up in Manila and Louisa’s mother lived in Cebu. Over time, the girls were sharing everything over their obsession with fashion. Under the creative direction of Alessandra, MESTIZA offers show-stopping styles with a nod to vintage wanderlust, from Spanish Matador brocades to Filipino Colonial silhouettes. 

MESTIZA has a unique charity angle where they’ve partnered with the Habi Philippine Textile Council to support female textile weavers in the Philippines. Each piece helps to sustain the Philippine cotton farming industry, create jobs for women, and keep a centuries-old artisanal craft alive.

Topics covered in this episode: Fashion, Risking everything, Philanthropy, Friendship and business, Women in business, Building a brand, and so much more.

E53 | Building a Legacy Guitar Amp | Mac Skinner

In today's episode we chat with Mac Skinner, Co-Owner of Two-Rock Amps.  We chat about how he went from working in the restaurant world to being a co-owner of a boutique guitar amp company.  Two-Rock amps have been used by some of the leading guitar players around the world including John Mayer, Matt Schofield, Eric Gales, and Steve Kimock.

Founded in 1999 with performance and customer service in mind, Two-Rock Amplifiers was founded by Bill Krinard and Joe Mloganoski and in just a few years’ time, it became the boutique industry leader.

In November of 2016, Mac Skinner (Two-Rock operations exec) and longtime Two-Rock artist Eli Lester, teamed up to purchase the brand.  Additionally, they’ve brought back the original Two-Rock co-founder and designer, Bill Krinard as the designer/engineer on the team.

E52 | Finding Real Freedom | Kelly Roach

As Senior Vice President for a Fortune 500 firm Kelly has consistently grown teams and divisions by between 50–300% in profit year after year. With 7 promotions in 8 years, Kelly is an expert in creating record breaking growth in productivity and profitability. Kelly has an uncanny ability to help businesses work smarter, not harder and design an unstoppable results machine that virtually eliminates the competition. By teaching leaders how to incorporate empowered decision-making and intention-based management, Kelly’s clients are equipped to thrive in any economy. Kelly helps teams and organizations eliminate weeks, months, and even years from their timeline for success. Kelly is a thought leader when it comes to the link between exercise, empowerment, and exponential business growth. As a former Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader, Kelly brings a dynamic, engaging and motivating style to all of her transformational programs.Petersburg is a small community in Appalachia that has been devastated by the Opioid Epidemic that is sweeping the United States.

This documentary feature follows the perspectives of various members of the community, with a focus on a former drug dealer named Bre (who also serves as producer on this project).

Having grown up in a home torn apart by drugs and forced to survive by any means necessary, her story offers one of hope.

E51 | Telling the Story of Addiction | Mary Sue Connolly

Mary Sue Connolly has worked for CNN, CBS, and VideoFashion.  She has also directed, edited, and produced several projects including The Great Gathering, Glenafooka: Glen of the Ghost, and her new project The Petersburg Film. 

Petersburg is a small community in Appalachia that has been devastated by the Opioid Epidemic that is sweeping the United States.

This documentary feature follows the perspectives of various members of the community, with a focus on a former drug dealer named Bre (who also serves as producer on this project).

Having grown up in a home torn apart by drugs and forced to survive by any means necessary, her story offers one of hope.

E50 | The Importance of Observation | Michael Tanzillo

Steve Cesari is a consultant, author, speaker, and coach.  He has either started or owned over 15 companies.  He is sought after for his experience and has worked with companies like GoPro, Juiceman, Sonicare, George Forman Grills, OxiClean, Rug Doctor, Chic-Fil-A, Atlanta Falcons & Hawks, AutoTrader, Toronto Bluejays, Seattle Mariners & Seahawks, and many other high profile companies.

Recently Steve wrote a book titled 'Clarity: How to get it, How to keep it, How to use it to balance your life.'  Steve is also a highly respected speaker traveling globally to share his message of Clarity!  

Topics covered in this episode: A mistake is only a mistake if you don't learn from it, Working with family, Building world class brands and businesses, Being a continual learner, The importance of passion, Clarity, Goal-setting, and so much more.