E45 | Stephen Petith on Globalization - Go Beyond Borders

Stephen Petith is an Internationalization Architect, working to create Internationalized Businesses and Lifestyles for his clients.  In the past he was the campaign manager for a Parliamentary representative’s elections in Australia.  He is a world traveler and global citizen.

As an Internationalization Architect, Stephen helps businesses move beyond the local, regional, or national boundaries and shows businesses how they can grown their business by pushing past borders.

Topics covered in this episode: Globalization, Family businesses, Working in politics, Entrepreneurial Investments and investing into people's dreams, Travel, Being a global citizen, The economy, Globalization vs Corporation, The role of eduction in the world, The Sovereign Capitalist Movement, The importance of collaboration, The evolution of Co-Working, and so much more.

E44 | Raj Daniels on the Importance of Face to Face

Raj Daniels is the CEO and VP of Enthusiasm for OpenTime.  He is also an active blogger and business consultant.  He has a passion for seeing people reconnected to Face to Face interaction instead of being lost in Social Media.  His passion for mentoring has impacted people in all age brackets.  

OpenTime is an app that helps individuals connect Face to Face.  They create a more meaningful human experience by helping people spend more time with other people in person. Unlike technology such as social media and virtual reality, our software connects people in a way technology cannot ever replace; face-to-face.

Topics covered in this episode: Entrepreneurship and family balance, Mentoring, the Imposter Syndrome, A culture lost in social media, the millennial generation, and so much more.

E43 PT 2 | Matthew Schutte on Ideas Grow Better in Community

Matthew Schutte is the Co-Founder of Collaborative Advantage and a member of The Meta Currency Project.  The Meta Currency Project is focused on rethinking the foundation of the internet and how it is approached.  Matthew is also a political philosopher, privacy advocate, and most importantly a dedicated surfer.

In part two of this episode Matthew shares how The Meta Currency Project is reshaping the internet, his company Collaborative Advantage, and he answers our rapid fire questions. 

Topics covered in this episode: Measuring what matters, Creating the soil for growth, Ideas grow better with people, Educated but deprived of wisdom, All you need to have community is communication, and so much more.

The biggest bang for buck that you can get in terms of innovation is an improvement on your ability to collaborate.  - Matthew Schutte

E43 PT 1 | Matthew Schutte on the Evolution of Community, Economy, and the Internet

Matthew Schutte is the Co-Founder of Collaborative Advantage and a member of The Meta Currency Project.  The Meta Currency Project is focused on rethinking the foundation of the internet and how it is approached.  Matthew is also a political philosopher, privacy advocate, and most importantly a dedicated surfer.

In part one of this episode Matthew shares how The Meta Currency Project is reshaping the internet along with addressing the issues of community, privacy, and the economy.  Their tools are truly open-sourcing the next economy.

Topics covered in this episode: Seeing what's possible, Structures for technology, Generation and Curation, Diversity, The evolution of community, How nature impacts technology, and how communication is the key to thriving.

E42 | Kamila Gornia on the Pyramid of Connection

Kamila Gornia is the "Blow Up, Scale Up" Marketing Strategist who helps entrepreneurs blow up and scale up their businesses to become true leaders online. By teaching her clients and community how to leverage their own natural personalities into strategic marketing campaigns that are both profitable AND fun, Kamila is proving over and over again that if you can dream it, you CAN really achieve it!

In this episode Kamila shares her insight into the the world of digital marketing.  Her Pyramid of Connection is a powerful tool any influencer or business can use to better impact their audience.  We also discuss the power of having a personal manifesto and staying true to your values. This episode has something for every stage of chasing your dream or big idea.  

Topics covered in this episode: Digital Marketing, Influence, Thought Leadership, Overcoming Fear, Community, Masterminds, and so much more.

E41 | Calvin Correli on What if everything is as it should be?

Calvin Correli is the Founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar software company called Simplero. Calvin is passionate about living life in abundance and with purpose.  His life is filled with adventure and seeing the fullness of the moment.  He is also a musician, artist, and influencer of entrepreneurs. 

Topics covered in this episode: True Abundance, Living a Fearless Life, Systems that simplify life, Holistic living, The importance of purpose, and so much more.

Website: https://simplero.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/truecalvin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/calvintrut
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/calvincorreli/

E40 | Awilda Rivera on Micro Goals for Big Dreams

Awilda Rivera didn't always plan to be doing what she is doing today.  Her journey started by pursing attending Law School and getting her law degree.  In her late 20s she had experienced a reawakening that opened her eyes to the startling reality that people all around her (herself included) were yearning for something more.  This was a truth that resonated with her so deeply that she could not turn away from it.  Today she has created three unique offerings for her clients including Success Coaching, Yoga Instructions, and Spiritual Advisement.  She is feeling more fulfilled and living in her purpose than ever before

Topics covered in this episode: Success coaching, Personal Development, Sustainable Financial Growth, Business & Personal Balance, Accountability, Mentoring, and so much more.

She is offering a 10% discount for our listeners.  Simply mention jumbleThink when you meet with Awilda for your consultation!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ms.awildarivera/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AwildaRiveraCoachYogiSpiritualAdvisor/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/awilda-n-rivera-95b666116/

E39 | Natalie Franke on Creativity happens in Community

Natalie Franke saw the need for community for creatives.  She Co-founded Rising Tide Society to fill that need.  Rising Tide Society focuses on building community locally and transforming not only the creative industry, but also the world. In May of 2015, the Rising Tide Society hosted its first set of TuesdaysTogether gatherings in twelve cities across the nation. Today there are hundreds of locations that meet globally.  Natalie is also a professional photographer and the Head of Community for Honeybook.

Topics covered in this episode: Community, Service, Business Tools, Philanthropy, The new creative economy, Women in business, Changing the culture of business, creativity, and so much more.  

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nataliefranke/
Twitter: twitter.com/nataliefranke
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NatalieFrankeCreative/
Website:  www.nataliefranke.com

E38 | Mirza Tihic on Creating Sustainable Products

Mirza Tihic left war torn Bosnia as a refugee to find a better life.  Since then he as chased his dreams and become a well respected Entrepreneur and specialist in the world of Entrepreneurship.  He is the CEO of Bey Designs, Co-Founder of North Side Learning Center, a consultant, and adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Syracuse University.  In 2015 he won the Whitman School of Business Management's Dedication to Entrepreneurship Award.

Bey Designs are handcrafted gifts using all natural, recycled and reclaimed materials.  Their cubes feature the unique skylines of New York City, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit, and Denver. These unique gifts have been features as a 'Forbes Top 10 Gifts for Travelers' and 'Featured in the New York Now Show Guide Cover'.  

Topics covered in this episode: The importance of education, Sustainability, Solving Corruption, Immigration, Creating a business to help others, Teaching from a place of experience, and so much more.  

E37 | Michael Woodward on Lessons from Memorial Day

Michael Woodward is the founder and CEO of jumbleThink.  In today's very special episode we reflect on the lessons we can learn from Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is a day to celebrate those in the US Military Services who gave the ultimate sacrifice, their lives.  We reflect on three lessons we can learn from those who have given it all.

Topics covered in this episode: A big idea to believe in, Giving your life for a cause, Ideas and dreams cost something / there is a sacrifice.

E36 | Adam Urbanski on Converting Skills into a Business

Adam Urbanski has risked it all to chase his dream.  In 1989 he left Poland with $194 in his pocket to find a better opportunity for his future.  Arriving in the United States he realized that the journey would be hard, but worth it.  Since then he has become known as the Millionaire Marketing Mentor working with businesses to overcome their obstacles.  He just launched a new program called the 'Revenue Rev-up Intensive'.  

Topics covered in this episode: Risking everything for a dream, The importance of marketing, Converting skills into a business, The importance of webinars, Thought Leadership, Family life and business, Overcoming fear, and so much more.

Website: http://themarketingmentors.com/jumblethink

E35 | Cort Dial on Leading from the Future

Cort Dial has worked with some of the largest companies in the world to help them overcome their issues and obstacles.  He has worked with Intel, Chevron, Disney, Apple, and many other impactful organizations.  His book, Heretics to Heroes: A Memoir of Modern Leadership, is a must read book on leadership.  It's like no other book on leadership that I've ever read.  His story and unique thinking will challenge your worldview and make you rethink your approach. 

Heretic Hero's aren't just outside the box, they are a threat.  -Cort Dial

Topics covered in this episode: The Burden of Leadership, Creating a place of belonging, All-In Leadership, Every Hero's Journey, Author Joseph Campbell, Movie: Defending Your Life, Systems aren't the Solutions, and so much more.

Website: https://www.cortdial.com/jumble/

E34 | Nicole Holland

Nicole Holland helps subject matter experts increase their visibility exponentially through podcast guesting to create greater impact, influence, and income.  She is proud to have been named in the Huffington Post as one of 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017, Nicole inspires entrepreneurs all around the world through her popular podcast, The Business Building Rockstars Show, and her annual online summit, The Business Building Rockstar Summit.

In this episode we discuss being a person of influence, social media, online marketing, business coaching, being a podcast matchmaker, understanding your audience, and so much more.

E33 | Mani Vaya

Mani Vaya is the founder of 2000 Books.  He is a Physicist and Electrical & Computer Engineer and has spent 13 years in the TECH industry rising up the ranks to manage Billion $+ cellphone projects at Fortune 500 Company. However, he gave it all up to start 2000 Books.  2000 Books is the leading website for book summaries for entrepreneurs, podcast with the authors the books, and the launching place for community around learning and education for entrepreneurs.  

Mani also provides consulting services for entrepreneurs who are seeking help growing their YouTube Channel, growing their podcast, or learning how to connect with influencers.

In this episode we discuss reading, taking the risk to leave a career to chase your big idea, the importance of education, how to have impact, being more than you are today, how thoughts impact actions, and so much more.

E32 | Cammi Pham

Cammi Pham is a geek in stilettos. She loves building a community and  pushing boundaries to optimize every aspect in life. Cammi accidentally fell into digital marketing when she founded and ran an environmental nonprofit at the age of 17. She later helped many technology startups gain traction and grow their communities online. Cammi is a Medium Top Contributor and Quora Top Writer. Her work has reached millions of views and has been translated into many different languages. Cammi has been featured in the BBC, Business Insider, Adweek, Yahoo, Lifehacker and more. Cammi lives by her personal motto, “Learn, Unlearn, Relearn.”

Ep. 31 | Nicolas Cole

Nicolas Cole has written for Time, Forbes, Fortune, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Observer, Slate, Apple News and many other publications.  He writes a daily column for Inc. Magazine.  His book, Confessions of a Teenage Gammer, was self-published and debuted on Amazon reaching #2 in two separate categories.  He has recently launched a new company called Digital Press service his customers with writing services.  His story and unique thinking will encourage you to rethink the possible and chase your dream. 

We live in a time now where anything you think is stable could be disrupted by tomorrow's innovation. -Nicolas Cole

Ep. 30 | Darieth Chisolm

Darieth Chisom is a former NBC Anchor, Emmy Award Winning TV Host, Coach, Speaker, Author, Visibility and Media Strategy Specialist, and podcaster.  Her book, Hustle: Why Now is the Time to Unleash your Passion, is an encouragement to any entrepreneur.  She decided to risk everything she had built to create the life of her dreams.  Her story and wisdom will help you on your journey to create the world of your dreams. 

Topics covered in this episode: The importance of Hustling with heart, Don't wait for permission to chase your passion, Choosing what is important to you, Loving the journey you are on, How to clarify 'what's next', Crafting great workshops, Living from a place of Abundance and Flow, The importance of community and collaboration, Bearing fearless and brave, Flip the coin and rethink everything, Finding the why behind the dream, and so much more.

Special promotionUse the code 'woodward' at http://chisolm.leadpages.co/wfoptin/ for an additional discount on the Workshop Formula program!

Text unleash to 33444 for a free download of 7 Steps to a Successful Side Hustle.

Ep. 29 | Paul Maskill

Paul Maskill is blogger, podcaster, and business coach specializing in creating systems and structures to scale local service businesses.  Paul has worked in the financial industry, ran his own successful businesses, and helped other business owners find freedom in their businesses.  His podcast 'The Business Owner's Freedom Formula' is filled with amazing stories from business owners.  In this episode we learn more about Paul's journey in finding his passions and chasing his dream.

Topics covered in this episode: The importance of impact, Having gratification in what you do, Being and becoming an entrepreneur, What we can learn from franchises, Systems & Structures for success in business, How to find freedom in business ownership, Replicating yourself in your business, How to scale a business, Your business shouldn't need you to run, How to vet a new idea, How to start your idea/dream.

Ep. 28 | Eric Eaton

Eric Eaton is the author of The Raging Sloth.   The book is a Blend of stories, research and personal experiences, Eric uses to shares a plan for life that will guide readers to create an abundant life on their terms to achieve their desired success regardless of their circumstances.  He is also a speaker, blogger, and coachIn this episode we discuss overcoming obstacles, living your life in abundance, surviving vs thriving, untethering, mentoring, and so much more.  This episode is filled with Eric's amazing story that will inspire you to create the life of your dreams.

Ep. 27 | Steven Fies

Steven Fies specializes in marketing and branding.   He has written three best selling books, owns and operates two businesses (and partners in the third), and well respected mentor in the world of EQ (Emotional Intelligence).  In this episode we discuss Steve's passion for creativity, starting successful businesses, Emotional Intelligence, a recent project with NASA, and so much more.  This episode is filled with information that will make you rethink how you approach reaching your dreams.