E100 | A Culture to Power your Mission | Lee Caraher

Lee Caraher is a entrepreneur and business leader.  Her curiosity into unseen issues has lead her to write two books about working in teams (specifically with Millennials).  Lee's unexpected journey into entrepreneurship will inspire you on your own journey into the unknown.  We also discuss branding, mission, technology, and the larger impact of culture in your organization

E99 | Finding Career Clarity | Alison Cardy

Alison Cardy shares her story of helping others find the right career leading them find fulfillment in life.  This journey of discovery of the dream career needs the support of others.  Their perspective can help you gain new perspective on things you may have been missing.  Alison give us insight into how we can start this journey that will lead us to the career of our dreams.  In the episode we learn how we can get unstuck, remove the obstacles, push past fear, and build momentum in our journey.

E98 | Overcoming Someday Syndrome | Alex J Moscow

Alex J Moscow have overcome many obstacles on his journey to entrepreneurial success.  Today he is known for his ability to help coaches and experts overcome their obstacles by changing their mindset and leading them to get out of their own way.  He is now living a life influencing influencers.  By removing the limits to your beliefs, the impossible is now possible.  We also discuss failing forward, having fun in what you do, living the life you want to live, having a vision that inspires you, and so much more.

E97 | Ask Great Questions | Vanessa Shaw

Vanessa Shaw is designing the business that will give her the life that she loves.  In today's episode she shares how you can do the same thing with your business and how you can reconnect with your dreams and passions.  Her specialty is the 'Zone of Genius'.  She gives us insights into what the Zone of Genius is and how you can find your zone.  Along the way you will learn how you can put the right team around you so that everyone is living to their full potential in their zone of genius too.  

E96 | More is Never Enough | Damion Lupo

Damion Lupo is a disruptor changing the perceptions around money, business, and life.  In today's episode Damion shares that we are not meant to play small and should start designing the life we want to live.  We dive deep into the world of learning versus our traditional model of education.  Other topics include: redefining success, finding fulfillment, starting with gratitude, expanding our impact, developing our confidence muscle, and much more.

E95 | Creating a Culture of Collaboration | Steve Lowisz

Steve Lowisz is a specialist in the world of Human Resources, entrepreneurial best practices, and talent management.  In today's episode he give insights into identifying talent including where to find it, what to do with it, how to develop it, and how to maintain and retain it.  We also discuss purpose versus motivation.  Steve dives deep into the importance to culture in your organization and how a culture of diversity can set you up for success.  

E94 | Systems for Success | Whitney Nicely

Whitney Nicely is an expert in Real Estate Investing.  In today's episode she share about being the 4th generation entrepreneur and how it has set her on her own path of entrepreneurship.  On her journey of entrepreneurship she found a passion for Real Estate Investing as her key to freedom.  She finds people with a problem and she solves it.  Over the last few years Whitney has been able to create systems and strategies in place to automate the daily operations of her business.

E93 | The Uncommon Entrepreneur | Jeffery Shaw

Jeffrey Shaw has been a leading portrait photographer for the last 30 years.  In this episode he shares the story that set him up for success in business.  It all comes back to speaking the secret language of your customers.  Jeffrey also gives us some insights into how you can take the uncommon and make it into a thriving business.  We also discuss why many of the 'traditional' views of business and marketing need to be changed.  It all starts with taking your area of authority and turning it into the new niche.  Other topics covered in this episode include: moving past audience into community, the importance of gratitude, the validation paradox, building businesses with a soul, and understanding your ideal customer's perspective.

E92 | The Health of Alternative Medicine | Dr. Rachna Patel

Dr. Rachna Patel shares in this episode how Alternative Medicine is going against the world of traditional Medicine.  Her speciality is Medical Marijuana.  She shares about the difference between medical marijuana versus consumer marijuana.  She also shares about the responsibility around medical marijuana.  The industry has also been held back from fully researching marijuana and gathering good data around this type of medicine.  This lack of research has held back the potential of the medical value it offers.  We also discuss the Opioid and Prescription epidemics hitting the US.

E91 | Targeting the Right Audience | Bud Torcom

Bud Torcom shares the importance of social media and digital marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  He gives valuable insights, tips and tricks you can use to learn how to maximize your online exposure.  This starts with targeting the right audience with the right message and then using the tools available to craft a strategy to reach your goals.  Beyond marketing, Bud has a passion for creating culture in the work place.  A culture that enables people to reach their full potential without anxiety or being overworked.  He also believes it's important to make the work place a fun place filled with adventure.

E90 | Untaught Lessons in Small Business | Tim Fulton

On today's episode Tim Fulton shares untaught lesson and realities of small business ownership.  Tim has over 30 years helping small businesses achieve their vision.  In the episode we discuss many important topics for small business owners and entrepreneurs including knowing your strengths and building a great team around you, seeing your blindspots as a business owner, why you need a visionary and a business integrator, the power of coaches / mentors and pier group, why business is personal, anticipating your business needs, letting go and delegating, hiring early, and finding and retaining good talent.

E89 | Changing Culture and Cultivating Greatness | Jeff McManus

On today's episode we chat with Jeff McManus on how to help others find greatness.  While Jeff's primary role is to oversee Landscape Services at the University of Mississippi, he knows that his larger role is to grow leaders.  Topics in the episode include: landscaping, passion, leadership, culture, and failure / success.

In the episode, Jeff shares a quote from former Chancellor Robert Khayat.  'Don't do it for me, let's do it because we are doing it together.' This belief is lived out every day by Jeff and his team.

E88 | Living Your Mission | Tom Mulliez

On today's episode we chat with Tom Mulliez on how he turned his love for the outdoors and adventure into thriving business.  We also discuss how you can take an idea and make it into a reality.  Along the way Tom has kept business fun while building a fine tuned team to build his business.  He shares how hiring the right or wrong people will deeply impact the success of your business.  

E87 | Rethinking Food | Glenn Livingston

On today's episode we chat with Glenn Livingston.  Glen shares his journey of overcoming obesity and his food prison.  As a psychologist Glenn researched and studied different approaches with overcoming eating disorders.  He has now taken his own experiences and research to help others overcome their problems with food so that they 'Never Binge Again'

E86 | Having the Courageous Voice | Dave Cornell

On today's episode we chat with Dave Cornell.  Dave shares his journey of overcoming fear and finding fulfillment.  His story is filled with loss, hidden passions, and discovery.  Dave shares how you can find your own voice by crafting a life of courage.  Ultimately your passions and gifts don't go away, you just need the courage to step into them.

E85 | A journey of discovery | Tommy Breedlove

On today's episode we chat with Tommy Breedlove.  Tommy has been on a journey of discovery to go beyond the typical definition of success to write his own definition.  In the episode he shares his love for business, going from jail to coach, how change your mindset of one of abundance, and dealing with fear and insecurity.  Ultimately he believes that as business owners we need to be intentional about blending humanity with profitability.  Ultimately this will lead you to your zone of brilliance.

E84 | No such thing as safe | Maxwell Finn

On today's episode we chat with Maxwell Finn.  Max is a third generation entrepreneur.  He shares the lessons that he has learned from his Dad and Grandfather on his own journey of entrepreneurship.  We also talk about the death and rebirth of entrepreneurship in fabric of American Culture and how it is affecting the Millennial Generation.  We finish the episode chatting about digital marketing and how small businesses can adapt and use it to their advantage.

E83 | A Lifestyle of Adventure | Erik Seversen

On today's episode we chat with Erik Seversen about what he has learned through his life of adventure.  He shares how he balances everything all while staying authentic to himself.  Throughout the interview we discuss a wide range of topics including following opportunities, leadership, approaching adversity and the unknown, going against the expected, passion, purpose, meaning, and belonging.  Erik shares amazing insights that will transform our thinking and changing our perspective on how we approach life and living to the fullest.

E82 | Finding Your True Genius | Jeremy Adams

On the episode Jeremy Adams shares how he started his journey into the business world at a very young age.  One of his keys to success is building incredible teams of experts.  Other topics discussed are finding true success, how to build a network of influencers, the importance of giving, what he learned from hospitality, and taking the risk to chasing your dreams.

E81 | From Y2K to Cyber Security Expert | Adam Anderson

Adam Anderson, entrepreneur and cyber security professional partnered with Tom Gilkeson, Director of Corporate Security for Michelin North America to produce “Small Business Cyber Security, Your Customers Can Trust You... Right?” to help small business owners think through their cyber security and communicate effectively with large organizations in their language.