1. Climb Mt. Lassen
  2. Climb Mt. Shasta
  3. Be 100% out of debt
  4. Invest at least $50,000 and make a profit
  5. Record a worship CD / Vinyl / Digital Album
  6. Furnish for every room in our house
  7. Travel to Europe
  8. Travel to Asia
  9. Find a Career
  10. Invest in someone's dreams
  11. Give away over $1,000,000
  12. Meet the President of the United States of America
  13. Influence World Leaders
  14. Own a sailboat
  15. Live in NYC (Manhattan)
  16. Go to the Summer Olympics
  17. Go to the Winter Olympics
  18. Build a house w/ cash (0 Debt)
  19. Start a church
  20. Speak another language
  21. Start a winery
  22. Take a Steam Train / Murder Mystery Trip
  23. Loose Weight
  24. Tony Bennett in Concert
  25. U2 in Concert
  26. Coldplay in Concert
  27. Dave Matthews in Concert
  28. John Mayer in Concert
  29. Own an Old House w/ secret passageways
  30. Write / Publish a book
  31. Scuba Dive in Australia - The Great Barrier Reef
  32. Own a Classic Car
  33. Own a Vespa
  34. Hike Regularly
  35. Spend Christmas in NYC
  36. Spend Thanksgiving in NYC
  37. Spend New Years Eve in NYC
  38. Work Less, Make More Money
  39. See the Northern Lights
  40. Build an acoustic guitar
  41. Backpack in Europe
  42. Backpack in Asia
  43. Travel to Africa
  44. Visit Hawaii
  45. Take a trip with no plans
  46. Live simply, Love much
  47. Eat healthy
  48. Stay a week in a castle
  49. Travel to Galapagos & Tahiti
  50. Affect social justice in the world
  51. Run 1 day a week for 1 year
  52. Visit all 50 states
  53. Own & Fly my own jet
  54. Get a degree
  55. Buy parent's their dream cars
  56. Take care of our parents
  57. Build a pool
  58. Build a Wine Cellar / Cave
  59. Go to the Super Bowl
  60. Got to the World Series
  61. Go to the Letterman Show
  62. Go to the Kentucky Derby
  63. Visit Warner Brothers Studios
  64. Visit a country in war and help those in need
  65. Run a 5k race
  66. Run a 10k race
  67. Run a Half Marathon
  68. Run a Marathon
  69. Run the NYC 1/2 Marathon
  70. Run Boston Marathon
  71. Run NYC Marathon
  72. Write / Direct / Produce a Movie
  73. Start a 'Culture' Festival (Music, Film, Fashion, Business)
  74. Run Half Marathon under 2hrs
  75. See the Grand Canyon
  76. Go the Indycar Race School
  77. Buy Apple Stock
  78. Go to Italy
  79. Go to Ted Talks
  80. See a wild monkey
  81. Hold a Koala / 81b. See a Koala in Person
  82. Sponsor a running team
  83. Sponsor a cycling team
  84. Ski
  85. Fly First Class
  86. Drive a Ferrari
  87. Own a pair of leather sole shoes
  88. See the La Brea Tar Pits
  89. Disneyland
  90. Disneyworld
  91. Disney Studio in Burbank
  92. Go to England, Wales, Ireland
  93. Build an Electric Guitar
  94. Visit / tour the White House
  95. Tour the Louvre
  96. Visit San Francisco
  97. Run a Disney Half Marathon
  98. Tour the Flatiron Building in NYC
  99. Have an office in NYC
  100. Have an office in San Francisco
  101. Have an office in LA
  102. //////
  103. //////
  104. /////
  105. Start a global trend/product
  106. Visit Germany
  107. Own a Tube Amp (Guitar)
  108. Fly in a fighter jet
  109. Be a Dad
  110. Swim with Dalphins
  111. Trace my Family Tree Back
  112. Photograph an endangered species
  113. Go to China by myself
  114. /////
  115. See Stonehenge
  116. See the Pyramids of Egypt and the Sphinx
  117. Drive through a Redwood Tree
  118. Ride an Elephant
  119. Ride a Cable Car in San Francisco
  120. Drive Lombard Street in San Francisco
  121. Take a sleigh ride w/ Jen
  122. Build a Salt Water Reef Aquarium
  123. Buy a new car
  124. Go deep sea fishing
  125. Own a dinosaur Bone / Skeleton
  126. Visit a rainforest
  127. Buy the perfect ring from Tiffany's
  128. Get Married
  129. Own a Mac/Apple Laptop
  130. Own a Taylor Guitar
  131. Go to Loi Krathong in Thailand
  132. Win a W3Award, Pixel Award, Webby, or Davey
  133. Build an AC12 / Spitfire clone guitar amp
  134. Start a guitar, amp, or pedal company
  135. Be a Worship Leader
  136. Be a youth Pastor
  137. Ride a horse
  138. Whitewater Raft / Kayak
  139. Explore a cave
  140. Have a big family get together for the holidays
  141. Have a pet raindeer
  142. /////
  143. Build a Salt Water Reef Pond
  144. Own a cabin in the woods
  145. Randomly meet a celebrity and hang out
  146. Go to the Emmys
  147. Go to the Oscars
  148. Go to the Grammys
  149. Race classic cars at Laguna Seca
  150. Go to The Church of St. George in Lalibela Ethiopia
  151. Go to Australia
  152. Go to a Polo game (Horse)
  153. See a Joshua Tree in person
  154. Walk over the Brookly Bridge
  155. See the start or finish of the Iditarod
  156. /////
  157. Go to Czech Republic - Prague
  158. Go to the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
  159. Go to the Lichetenstein Castle in Germany
  160. See the Stockholm Subway
  161. Go to Petra in Jordan
  162. Go to Raja Ampat and Scuba Dive
  163. Build a Record player & Tube amp
  164. Experience an Earthquake
  165. Own Disney Cel (from movie) or sketch
  166. Own a Porsche
  167. Own a BMW
  168. Visit the Winchester Mystery House
  169. Go to Preservation Hall in New Orleans
  170. Fly in a Helicopter
  171. /////
  172. Go to Quebec City
  173. Visit a Napa Winery
  174. Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride
  175. Go to Monaco Grand Prix
  176. Guild a 'Custom' Rifle for hunting
  177. See the Golden Gate Bridge
  178. See Pike Place Market in Seattle
  179. Own a Steam Tractor or Train
  180. Own an original suite of arms (old)
  181. Have a website we built featured on TV
  182. Join an Elite Club
  183. Sell a print of one of my photos
  184. Grow Orchids from starters
  185. See the Great Wall of China
  186. Go surfing
  187. Go snowmobiling
  188. Drive over 100 mph
  189. Watch the Tour de France in person
  190. Go to a major Tennis Match / Tournament
  191. Learn Jazz Piano
  192. Learn to jazz on guitar
  193. See Cirque de Soleil
  194. See a Broadway Play / Musical
  195. Go to a game a Yankee Stadium
  196. Build a Tropical 'Rainforest' Greenhouse
  197. Buy a Civil War Tiffany Sword
  198. Buy something and resell at profit
  199. Buy a 1st Edition 'Collectors' book
  200. Build an Old Style Boat
  201. Own Tony Bennett Art
  202. Eat at a Michelin Star Resturant
  203. Win a Lottery
  204. Voice character in a Pixar Movie
  205. Learn to cook duck
  206. Own a pro audio / concert sound system
  207. Go to the North Pole
  208. Go to Alaska
  209. Have a 'White Christams'
  210. Take my dad on a Racecar Experience
  211. Race on Bonneville Salt Flats
  212. Go to Apple's Corporate Office
  213. Go to the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade
  214. Do a DNA Genome Family Tree Test
  215. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
  216. See Bill Cosby do Standup
  217. Buy Bespoke clothing / jeans
  218. See a concert in Central Park
  219. Go to a movie premier
  220. Meet George W. Bush
  221. Meet Richard Branson
  222. Meet Oprah
  223. /////
  224. Stay at a highend boutique hotel
  225. Cook Chineese food from scratch
  226. Start a hotel
  227. Make Chocolate from beans
  228. Have a 'Personal' stylist for clothing
  229. See something at Radio City Music Hall
  230. Own a building in NYC
  231. Start or own a Jazz Club
  232. Article featured in International Magazine
  233. Buy a 'pricey' collectable wine
  234. Find a diamond at the Diamond National Park
  235. Own a barn
  236. Iceskate in NYC
  237. Run a Multi-Million Dollar Business
  238. See the set of Chuck
  239. Meet Mark Cuban
  240. Lose weight again and keep it off
  241. Own and play a tuba again
  242. Sponsor a citywide New Years bash
  243. Sponsor a citywide Christmas bash
  244. Build an internal (not client based) website idea
  245. Go to Hillsong Australia
  246. Go to Hillsong NYC
  247. Meet Zachary Levi
  248. Tour the Edsel Ford House
  249. Stay the night at the Disney Dream Suite
  250. Go to a Penn State Football game
  251. Have custom linen letterhead
  252. Go to the Pentagon
  253. Go to NSA Headquarters
  254. Go to CIA Headquarters
  255. Roast Chestnuts over an Open Fire
  256. See MT. Rushmore
  257. See a concert at Red Rocks
  258. See the changing of the leaves in New England
  259. See the Mill in Mabry, VA
  260. Create a unique Mac-n-cheese Recipe
  261. Buy season tickets to something
  262. Make Birch Beer / Root Beer
  263. Make Cheese
  264. Eat at the home(s) of the Philly Cheese Steak
  265. Have enough money in savings to run business for 1 year
  266. Go to the Southern Hemishere
  267. See the changing of the guard in London
  268. Cross country road trip
  269. See Niagara Falls
  270. Buy a bottle of Petrus Wine
  271. Go to Glacier National park
  272. Go to the top of the Statue of Liberty
  273. Go to Sundance Film Festival
  274. Restore a classic car
  275. /////
  276. Go to Oktoberfest in Germany
  277. See the Matrix of Liberty
  278. Meet Kirk Cameron
  279. Go to the Old North Church (Boston)
  280. Create my own Recipe Book
  281. Buy a grand piano
  282. Go to a comedy club
  283. Eat at a Gordon Ramsey Resturant
  284. Be Tumor / Cyst free
  285. Go on vaction and do no work
  286. Own Disney stock
  287. Meet Carson Daly
  288. Go to Pinks and eat a hot dog (LA)
  289. Live to at least 101 years old
  290. Buy a cake at Carlo's Bakery
  291. Go to filming of Top Gear UK
  292. Learn Fencing
  293. Buy a German Sports Car
  294. Drive an Audi R8 Coupe
  295. Skin in the Alps
  296. Start a Racecar Team
  297. See a 'revival' in Chico
  298. See Manhattanhenge
  299. Complete the Backer's Circle on Kickstarter
  300. Visit Venice, Italy
  301. Visit Saville, Spain
  302. Go to Pebble Beach Concours
  303. Eat at Disney Club 33
  304. Speak at Ted or other major conference
  305. Do Timelapse of stars
  306. Read entire Bible in sequence (front to back)
  307. Read Charles Dickens 'A Christmas Carol'
  308. Go Duck Hunting
  309. Learn to hand drawl buildings, cars, and comics
  310. Go to Elta Castle in Germany
  311. Build a model train set for Christmas
  312. Go to NAMM
  313. See Bioluminescent Bay in Farjado, Puerto Rico
  314. Learn how to build an API
  315. Learn Angular.js and Node.js
  316. Visit Mont Saint Michel
  317. Go to Met Gala
  318. /////
  319. Go to an event at Madison Square Gardens
  320. See the Christmas Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center
  321. Get Ham Radio License
  322. Learn Morse Code
  323. Mill lumber from tree on childhood house
  324. Ring opening / closing bell on Wall Street
  325. Visit Crested Butte, CO
  326. See Jay Leno do Standup
  327. Go to SXSW
  328. Go to 'The Moth' Story Slam
  329. Eat Turkish Delight
  330. See Eric Reed at Village Vanguard
  331. Get NYC Tour Guide License
  332. Go to Machu Picchu
  333. Do Standup
  334. See Shakespeare in the Park
  335. Get/Buy an Expensive 'collectable' Watch
  336. See Norah Jones in concert
  337. Go to NFL Game
  338. Go to Professional Baseball Game
  339. Take cross country train trip
  340. Go to the Alamo
  341. Go to the inauguration
  342. Go to Palawan Island
  343. Tour the Manchac Swap in Louisiana
  344. Drive the Dalton HWY to Deadhorse
  345. Go to Magic Castle in Los Angeles
  346. Green to Goodwood Revival Races in UK
  347. Ski @ Grindelwal Switzerland
  348. Go to Hamberg Christmas Market
  349. Go to St. Catherine's Monastery in Mt. Sinai
  350. Take a Dog Sled Excursion
  351. Hunt for Dinosaur Bones
  352. Go Gold Panning
  353. Own a really cool hat
  354. Stop doing web design & development
  355. Make a good living from Podcast
  356. Host a 'Last Call' style show
  357. Blow Glass Art
  358. Visit the Badlands, South Dakota
  359. Have a campfire on the beach
  360. Zipline
  361. Go to San Diego Zoo
  362. Go to Columbus Zoo
  363. Try Lobster
  364. Luge / Bobsled
  365. Go to Comicon
  366. Have a unique family crest
  367. Find a T-Rex, Nanosaurus, or Raptor tooth / claw
  368. Eat @ Peter Luger Steak House
  369. Solve a Rubik's Cube
  370. Find a Meteorite
  371. Go to Cuba
  372. Go Whale Watching
  373. Visit New Zealand's Waitomo Glowworm Cave
  374. Ride in a Submarine
  375. Go to Rodeo
  376. See Old Faithful @ Yellowstone
  377. See Half Dome @ Yosemite
  378. Visit a Frank Lloyd Write Building
  379. Fly a Jetpack
  380. Go on an Archaeological Adventure
  381. Film a documentary
  382. Learn how to crack a whip
  383. Learn to swing dance
  384. Learn hot to pick a lock
  385. Master the art of storytelling
  386. Drive Route 66
  387. Stay at a Dude Ranch
  388. Indoor Skydive
  389. Learn Ax / Knife Throwing
  390. Go Snowshoeing
  391. Speak at Harvard
  392. Visit Antique Archaeology
  393. Drive a hovercraft
  394. Read Doyle's Sherlock Holmes Series
  395. Drive a Tank
  396. Escape an Escape Room
  397. Visit Sigiriya Rock
  398. Visit Wigwam Village #6 in Holbrook, AZ