jumbleThink podcast was started by Michael Woodward in 2017 with the idea of helping Dreamers, Makers, Innovators, and Influencers dream big and to refine their ideas .  jumbleThink has three main goals:

1) Share ideas and stories through our Podcast.

2) Help individual define a strategy to reach their goals through consulting and dream setting training.

3) Speak at events and trainings on how to change the world with your big idea.

Michael Woodward

Michael is the founder and CEO of jumbleThink.  Prior to starting jumbleThink, Mike and his team at Woodward Design Group built over 400 websites and web applications for clients ranging from small local businesses to Fortune 100 corporations.  He has also consulted with hundreds of other businesses through the Small Business Development Council at Butte College (http://www.buttecollegesbdc.com) along with teaching courses on web design / development and marketing strategies.  His passion is to help individuals and businesses make their dreams attainable through creative thinking / idea formation and strategy.  Michael is married to Jennifer Woodward and father to Lucy and Lily.  He and his family currently reside in Boiling Springs PA.  His passions include New York City (specifically Manhattan), playing and building guitars, running, reading, and dreaming big.

Reading —
Not Like Me by Eric Bryant
Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

Watching —
NCIS: New Orleans

Quote —
“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” - eleanor roosevelt

Podcasts —
The Moth
The Tim Ferris Show