Idea Camps will help you create the roadmap to turn your dreams and ideas into reality.  The 3 day event will be filled with sessions with leading Thought Leaders and Speakers, Workshops, Mastermind Groups, and fun activities to help you discover that the impossible is possible.  This is a no pitch event which means that no one will be 'up-selling' you into their programs or products.  Our sole purpose for this event is to help you make those dreams and ideas you have come alive.

Who's it for?

If you've ever had an idea or dream but haven't been able to make them a reality, then this event is for you.  We will focus on helping you come up with a roadmap and strategy to start moving forward.  You may have a dream to write your first book, launch a new product or service, start the next world changing startup, change your career, start a podcast, build a local small business, or craft a world changing message.  The strategies that we will teach you during this event will give you the tools to move forward.  If you have ever said something like 'One day I will...' or 'Someday I'll build my...' then this event is for you.  No matter if you are a Millennial looking to build a business and message you believe in or your are entering retirement excited about the possibilities for finally chasing your dreams, this event will launch you into the future you've always wanted to obtain.

What's included?

Included in your ticket are all Keynote, training, breakout sessions, access to the online On-Demand library of session videos, mastermind groups during the event, all meals, lodging, and activities at the event.   Not included is your travel to and from the event.

 Day One

8 - 9:15a: Check In & Breakfast | Check In and Continental Breakfast

9:15 - 10:20a: Keynote Session | Welcome To Idea Camps
-Why Not / What if 
-Keynote - Identity / Born for This

10:25 -11:05a: Panel | Stories from Dreamers with Q&A

11:05a - 12:25p: Networking and Free time

12:25 - 1:45p: Lunch

2 - 3:15p: MasterMind Session

3:30 - 4:15p: Training Sessions
-Defining your Dream and Idea
-Micro Experiments for Rapid Growth
-Building Your Team: Mentors, Coaches, Employees, Partners

4:30 - 5:45p: Breakout Sessions
-Influencers: Authors, Podcasters, Blogger, Thought Leaders, Vlogger, Social Influencer
-Tech and Startup Strategy Session
-Non-Profits & Movements

6 - 7:30p:Dinner

After Dinner Fun!!!

Day Two

8:00 - 9:15a: Breakfast

9:15 - 10:00a: Training Session | Morning Kickoff
-Moving Past the Idea: Going from idea to reality, Crafting a Plan & Business Plan

10 - 10:45a: Keynote

10:45 - 11:40a: Networking / Break

11:45a - 12:15p: Training Session
Communicating Your Idea, Finding your audience and creating your tribe

12:20 - 1:45p: Lunch

4 - 5p: Breakout
-Funding Strategy (Crowdfunding, VC / Angel, ect.)
-Authors Workshop
-Small Business - Planning your launch

5:30 - 7p: Dinner

After Dinner Activities

Day Three

8:00 - 9:15a: Breakfast

9:30 - 11a: MasterMind
MasterMind and Building Your Plan Sessions

11:40a - 12:15 p: Training Session
-Facing the Fear & Being relentless
-Sustainable journey: setting a fun pace

12:45 - 1:45p: Lunch

2 - 3:00p: Breakout
-Social Media & Marketing
-Product development, sourcing
-The art of the side hustle

3 - 4:15pm: Networking & Fun

4:30 - 5:15p: Panel | Where do you go from here with Q&A

5:15 - 6:25p: Keynote
-Keynote Speaker
-A Final Challenge

**Please note that speakers and schedule may change prior to the event.**


Allenberry Resort & Playhouse

Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, the timeless and idyllic setting of Yellow Breeches Creek has attracted visitors and outdoorsmen for generations, including the relatives of American Folk Legend, Davy Crockett.  In 1786, the Crockett family chose this serene corner of Boiling Springs, PA to build a family home and barn that is still in use today.

Allenberry has a long history of delighting guests with live entertainment and warm hospitality.   The 1929 owners of Allenberry Farm remodeled the original barn for summer entertaining. When the estate was sold to the Heinze family in 1944, Charles A.B Heinze knew the place was too special to be kept from the public and the Allenberry Resort was born. In 1949, The Allenberry Playhouse opened its doors and the resort became a center of relaxation, hospitality and entertainment.  Locals, as well as guests from New York, Washington, DC and Philadelphia, came to take in dinner and a show in the quaint, pastoral setting. Famous faces at Allenberry include a young John Travolta who joined the summer stock program in 1971 and Shirley Jones who played a special one-week engagement in 1994 to sold-out crowds.

Today, the tradition of good times and relaxation continues. Allenberry Resort has been masterfully renovated, maintaining its history and charm, while offering updated accommodations and luxurious amenities. The 57-acre resort is connected by foot, bike, and cart paths allowing visitors to leave their cars and their busy world behind.

Learn more about Allenberry Resort