Halfway There Podcast

Michael Woodward is the founder of jumbleTHINK and B-Side, husband and father. Today, Michael shares how the Lord led him into pastoral ministry, how seeing the best and worst of the church changed his perspective, and why he started a podcast. His trust in God has grown through business struggles and seeing the dark side of ministry. Michael’s heart for helping others step into their dreams will inspire you to live intentionally.

Please listen and share Michael’s story!

Stories Michael shared:

  • Growing up in the church in Central Pennsylvania

  • How the Lord led him to the Brownsville revival instead of college

  • Sharing Christ as a street evangelist during the revival

  • How the Lord answered his prayer for a job

  • The picture of what the church should look like and what it shouldn’t

  • How seeing the worst of the church changed his perspective

  • Why he doesn’t use the word “Christian” about himself

  • How his trust in God grew when his business took a turn for the worse

  • Why he started his podcast jumbleTHINK

  • How fear holds people back from pursuing their dreams

Great quotes from Michael:

In that imperfection with each other in relationships that are broken and with broken people we still see the glory of God and the goodness of God and that is a beautiful picture to me.

I don’t care what your dream is. I care that you’re living in it.

God does have a purpose for you and you are so much more significant than you realize.

Resources Michael mentioned (Book links are Amazon affiliate links that send a small amount back to me if you use them):

Here is an example of what Michael is doing with The B-Side. In this episode, I’m the guest. I hope it encourages you.