Decentralizing Journalism with Matthew Iles

What does it take to build ethical journalism using blockchain? Matthew Iles and the team at Civil set out to solve this complex problem to bring back ownership to the journalists creating the news. With the clutter of 'fake news' and 'news with bias' they also decided it was time to bring trust and transparency back to the newsroom. Their launch was filled with great victories and setbacks, but they have pushed forward to change the game in modern day news.

New Technology for Old Problems | Sam Rusani

New technology is being used to solve old problems.  Sam Rusani is on the bleeding edge of using new technologies to innovate in industries that go back thousands of years.  Sam is the Chief Revenue Officer at ShipChain.  ShipChain is reinventing how we manage shipping on a global level.  Their technology is built on Blockchain and allows businesses and individuals to track the source and history of their individual items.