Finding Work-Life Blend with Tamara Loehr

Everyone is told to find a 'work-life' balance, however Tamara Loehr doesn't think this is healthy. As a successful entrepreneur, wife, mother, boss, and active global citizen she realized that balance was impossible. Instead she is blazing a new way by creating the blend of work and life. This has freed her up to become at all of them. Removing the barriers and segmentation in life has opened new possibilities of creativity.

A Disciplined Hustle | Michael Levitt

Everyone is talking about hustling, but the hustle is often unsustainable.  Michael Levitt shares how you can create a healthy hustle and prevent burnout in today's episode.  He tells us how a disciplined hustle is the key to reaching your full potential and goals.

In today's episode Michael and I also discuss overcoming loss and catastrophic events, hustle vs a paced journey, setting boundaries in business, keeping work at work, scheduling your life to be more productive, essentialism, creating the life you want to live, health, and much more.

The Legal Entrepreneur | Rachel Brenke

Starting an entrepreneurial journey can be overwhelming. There are so many things that you need to do.  One of the areas that is often overlooked is the legal responsibilities of starting your entrepreneurial journey.  What entity type should you be, how do I write a contract, copyrights, trademarks, and countless other questions are unknown to those chasing big ideas and dreams.

E41 | What if everything is as it should be? | Calvin Correli

Calvin Correli is the Founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar software company called Simplero. Calvin is passionate about living life in abundance and with purpose.  His life is filled with adventure and seeing the fullness of the moment.  He is also a musician, artist, and influencer of entrepreneurs. 

Topics covered in this episode: True Abundance, Living a Fearless Life, Systems that simplify life, Holistic living, The importance of purpose, and so much more.


E40 | Micro Goals for Big Dreams | Awilda Rivera

Awilda Rivera didn't always plan to be doing what she is doing today.  Her journey started by pursing attending Law School and getting her law degree.  In her late 20s she had experienced a reawakening that opened her eyes to the startling reality that people all around her (herself included) were yearning for something more.  This was a truth that resonated with her so deeply that she could not turn away from it.  Today she has created three unique offerings for her clients including Success Coaching, Yoga Instructions, and Spiritual Advisement.  She is feeling more fulfilled and living in her purpose than ever before

Topics covered in this episode: Success coaching, Personal Development, Sustainable Financial Growth, Business & Personal Balance, Accountability, Mentoring, and so much more.

She is offering a 10% discount for our listeners.  Simply mention jumbleThink when you meet with Awilda for your consultation!