E53 | Building a Legacy Guitar Amp | Mac Skinner

In today's episode we chat with Mac Skinner, Co-Owner of Two-Rock Amps.  We chat about how he went from working in the restaurant world to being a co-owner of a boutique guitar amp company.  Two-Rock amps have been used by some of the leading guitar players around the world including John Mayer, Matt Schofield, Eric Gales, and Steve Kimock.

Founded in 1999 with performance and customer service in mind, Two-Rock Amplifiers was founded by Bill Krinard and Joe Mloganoski and in just a few years’ time, it became the boutique industry leader.

In November of 2016, Mac Skinner (Two-Rock operations exec) and longtime Two-Rock artist Eli Lester, teamed up to purchase the brand.  Additionally, they’ve brought back the original Two-Rock co-founder and designer, Bill Krinard as the designer/engineer on the team.

E5 | The Craft of Guitar Making | Tony Karol

Tony Karol has been a luthier (guitar maker) for over 25 years.  The guitars he has built have been used by internationally known musicians like Tommy Emmanuel, Bruce Cockburn, and Stephen Bennett.  In this episode we discuss building guitars, how Tony got his start, working with well know musicians, and the environmental impact of building guitars.