How to live the Drop Ship Lifestyle | Anton Kraly

If you ever thought about an online business you may have thought about drop shipping but there is so much noice on how to successfully build a drop ship lifestyle.  Anton has built multiple successful drop ship businesses. His approach is to work with established brands to sell their products.

Can Holistic Health beat Big Pharma? | John McGarvey

What does it take to have 'good' health?  Big Pharma doesn't seem to be making us any healthier.  While in Tibet, John McGarvey (Co-founder and CEO of Dao Labs) discovered ancient Chinese medicine.  This journey made him rethink health and solving modern problems with old approaches.  He is now on a journey to share products that nurture positive health into our lives.  

The Business of International Learning | MC Miller

So you went to college, you owe thousands in student loans, and now you can't find a job in the competitive job market.  What do you do next?  Why not think outside the box and do something different?  MC Miller and his team is on a mission to help others think outside the normal solution by placing them in well paying jobs throughout Asia.  This could be a short term or long term placement.  By thinking outside the traditional or normal way of living he has helped many find the true freedom they in their own lives.  

Your Business Needs Video | Jason Hsiao

The online world of social media is reinventing how we market and advertise our business.  On all the platforms video is king.  But how do you create your videos if you don't have a massive budget, time to get videos created, or the expertise to creator your own?  This was the question that Jason Hsiao and Animoto set out to answer. 

The Business of Graphic Design | Johnathan Grzybowski

Starting and building a business is an evolutionary process.  Johnathan Grzybowski took his marketing agency and morphed it into a on-demand graphic design business.  This transformation was fueled through travel, collaboration, a culture of fun, and feedback from clients.  Johnathan shares how you can harness this power to transform your own entrepreneurial journey into a stronger business.

No Small Creator | Cody Wanner

Often as creators we wonder if we are making an impact, if our message matters, or if we are being heard.  Cody Wanner has started a movement helping creators understand that there are 'No Small Creators.'  His message is helping people find their voice, their message, and a tribe of followers.  

The Maker Manifesto | Chad Frey

Chad Frey is at the bleeding edge of the Maker Movement.  Chad shares how entrepreneurs and makers are changing education through S.T.E.M. and S.T.E.A.M.  By bringing the maker movement directly into schools we are able to shape the next generation of innovators and influencers to think outside the box and bring new solutions to the problems they face.  

In today's episode Chad and I also discuss education, co-working, makerspaces, diversity, the social responsibility of entrepreneurs, the importance of the arts, a maker manifesto, finding the right vocation, having informed conversations, and much more.

Food, Travel, and Hit Television | Phil Rosenthal

Phil Rosenthal created Everybody Loves Raymond and now he's on a new adventure creating and staring in the hit Netflix show 'Somebody Feed Phil'. 

In today's episode Phil shares how he got his start, writing a hit TV show, turning your passions and dreams into a vocation, why everyone should travel, the importance of celebrating diversity, family and friendship, never waiting from one day, planning your trip, living beyond expectations, and more.

The Story Behind CBS's Scorpion | Walter O'Brien

Walter O'Brien is the foundation of the popular CBS TV show, Scorpion.  The show is based on the life of the real Walter O'Brien.  On today's episode the real Walter O'Brien share how the show is inspiring a new generation of geniuses to tap into their full potential.  We also dive deep into how matching IQ and EQ on your team is the key to unlocking it's full potential. 

Connecting Through Story | Cary Burkett

Cary Burkett is an American radio broadcaster and former comic book writer best known for co-creating the DC Comics character Nemesis with artist Dan Spiegle. Recently Cary founded Red Bird Visions. 

On today's episode Cary shares about the world of comics, NPR, Acting, Story & Story telling, integrity in story, faith, faith past the dream, grey seasons of life, recapturing passion, and life after retirement

Storytelling - Painting with Sound | Angela Ferrari

Angela Ferrari is an artist, children's book author/ illustrator based in Portland Maine. She is the creator and host of the Story Spectacular podcast. 

Angela grew up in the mountains of western Maine. Living in a rural setting, she developed a talent for finding creative ways to play and captivate her imagination.

E76 | Designing for Life's Events | Hannah Payne

Hannah Payne is the founder and designer behind Luba, a high-end ready-to-wear line where every sale goes back to support women through her charity, the LOVE Foundation. In her junior year of college, Hannah secretly "studied abroad" in Florence - little did her parents know, she was taking drawing and sewing classes to further her passion into a tangible business. While doing research for a school project, Hannah was disturbed to find out that there were more animal shelters than women’s shelters in the US. She was even more shocked to learn that shelters turned down 30 women and their children everyday, due to lack of space. Hannah decided that she wanted to create a business where she can not only pursue her love for fashion, but also give back and empower women.

E71 | Innovation in Making Instruments | Jonathan Hodgetts

What does it take to make instruments like tubas, trumpets, french horns, euphoniums, and saxophones?  Jonathan Hodgetts set out to innovation in the world of brass instruments all while making the cost more assessable to musicians.  In his quest he has re-birthed old instruments and created new models.  

Wessex Tubas was established by experienced British tuba player, Jonathan Hodgetts, in 2010, with the aim of bringing the pleasure of brass music making to the masses.

E70 | Building the Classic Porsche RSR | Richard Schickman

Have you ever had the dream to purchase or build your perfect car?  Richard Schickman started The RSR Project and is living that dream.

Richard Schickman's passion for classic cars started early in his life.  In his teens he spent his days working on restoring all types of cars.  Along the way he birthed a new passion for classic Porsche cars, specifically the coveted Porsche 911 RSR racing cars. 

E63 | The Trial and Error of Innovation | PJ Jonas

PJ Jonas is a business owner, goat-wrangler, entrepreneur, and mother. After getting goats to provide healthy milk for her eight children, she decided to put some excess milk into a batch of handmade soap. That decision was the beginning of Goat Milk Stuff, a growing goat milk products business that has been featured on The Today Show, The Doctors, The Huckabee Show, and in “O”, the Oprah Magazine.

What started with an initial small batch of soap has expanded into a host of goat milk items such as goat milk soaps, cheeses, candies, fudge, gelato and more. It’s a team effort to keep the farm running, make and ship all the products, and welcome visitors to the farm. PJ’s husband, eight children (aged 9 to 19), and six full-time employees, all work hard to promote the goodness of goat milk.

E62 | Making Creativity Personal | Laura Meoli

Laura Meoli is a digital media content creator with 10 years experience. Her achievements include a NY Emmy Award, seven Telly Awards and multiple festival wins for her video projects, "Give a Little", "Women of Action", "Perspective", and the "Granville T. Woods Documentary".

Topics covered in this episode: Creativity, Finding passion, Asking difficult questions, The importance of impact, Living a life with multiple interests, Taking risks, Staying on track, Gratitude, Defining Success, and so much more.

E57 | From Plastic Bottle to Designer Bags | Hamilton Perkins

On today's episode we chat with Hamilton Perkins, founder of the Hamilton Perkins Collection.  He is creating an amazing company making designer bags affordable while also addressing the problems of sustainability and social responsibility.  It all started with someone who wanted to solve a problem.  It has now grown to be a brand that is changing the industry.

Hamilton Perkins Collection was born out of a simple necessity: the need for affordable designer bags that look good, perform well, and make a difference.

Similar to many travelers in the world they had trouble finding a socially conscious bag that met their basic needs in a practical and responsible way. They researched the industry and found that most options were average quality. The majority of the bag makers maintain low prices with high levels of secrecy around how they achieve it. Other bags are excellent quality and cost way too much for the price. What is available to the modern traveler looking to find purpose in every journey?

They founded Hamilton Perkins Collection to be an alternative for travelers on the go.  Most brands look at philanthropy and giving as an afterthought but they see it as an essential part of running a business today.   In collaboration with their workshops and suppliers, they are committed to supporting fair wages and delivering value to less developed nations by sourcing raw materials that divert plastic bottles, save water, add revenue, create jobs in parts of the world that need it the most.  Who says style can't have purpose? From bottles to bags!

Topics covered in this episode: Sustainability, Upcycling, Green Products, Kickstarter and Crowdfunding, How to build an audience, Design, Working with the Clinton Foundation, Philanthropy and changing the world around you, Social Responsibility in Business, and so much more.

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E54 | Friendship & Fashion | Alessandra Perez-Rubio & Louisa Rechter

In a sea of countless ready-to-wear brands, MESTIZA is the forefront of authenticity and true embracement of culture. Inspired by a shared heritage, co-founders and best friends, Alessandra and Louisa, created the brand to bridge the gap between elevated statement cocktail attire and a contemporary price point.

Louisa and Alessandra met in college, where they bonded over their shared roots in the Philippines – Alessandra grew up in Manila and Louisa’s mother lived in Cebu. Over time, the girls were sharing everything over their obsession with fashion. Under the creative direction of Alessandra, MESTIZA offers show-stopping styles with a nod to vintage wanderlust, from Spanish Matador brocades to Filipino Colonial silhouettes. 

MESTIZA has a unique charity angle where they’ve partnered with the Habi Philippine Textile Council to support female textile weavers in the Philippines. Each piece helps to sustain the Philippine cotton farming industry, create jobs for women, and keep a centuries-old artisanal craft alive.

Topics covered in this episode: Fashion, Risking everything, Philanthropy, Friendship and business, Women in business, Building a brand, and so much more.

E53 | Building a Legacy Guitar Amp | Mac Skinner

In today's episode we chat with Mac Skinner, Co-Owner of Two-Rock Amps.  We chat about how he went from working in the restaurant world to being a co-owner of a boutique guitar amp company.  Two-Rock amps have been used by some of the leading guitar players around the world including John Mayer, Matt Schofield, Eric Gales, and Steve Kimock.

Founded in 1999 with performance and customer service in mind, Two-Rock Amplifiers was founded by Bill Krinard and Joe Mloganoski and in just a few years’ time, it became the boutique industry leader.

In November of 2016, Mac Skinner (Two-Rock operations exec) and longtime Two-Rock artist Eli Lester, teamed up to purchase the brand.  Additionally, they’ve brought back the original Two-Rock co-founder and designer, Bill Krinard as the designer/engineer on the team.

E50 | The Importance of Observation | Michael Tanzillo

Steve Cesari is a consultant, author, speaker, and coach.  He has either started or owned over 15 companies.  He is sought after for his experience and has worked with companies like GoPro, Juiceman, Sonicare, George Forman Grills, OxiClean, Rug Doctor, Chic-Fil-A, Atlanta Falcons & Hawks, AutoTrader, Toronto Bluejays, Seattle Mariners & Seahawks, and many other high profile companies.

Recently Steve wrote a book titled 'Clarity: How to get it, How to keep it, How to use it to balance your life.'  Steve is also a highly respected speaker traveling globally to share his message of Clarity!  

Topics covered in this episode: A mistake is only a mistake if you don't learn from it, Working with family, Building world class brands and businesses, Being a continual learner, The importance of passion, Clarity, Goal-setting, and so much more.