How to Discover Adventure with Kerry Gallivan


Kerry Gallivan founded Chimani to help everyday people find the adventures of their dreams by visiting National Parks. National Parks are filled with all types of adventures but most people don't know where to start when planning their adventure to the park. Where should we stay? What are the places we 'must' visit on our trip? Where to we find a bathroom and some water? How do we avoid all the crowds in the parks? Chimani is helping people have the information that they need for their visits to the park all from the safety of their car of mobile device (even without internet connection).

In today's episode Kerry shares the story behind turning his idea into reality and ultimately turning it into a business. We dive deep into the pitfalls that many visitors to national parks face and he shares how you can avoid falling into these traps. Throughout the interview Kerry gives us insights into how you can find the right parks for you and even a few of his favorite parks.

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