Urban Farming in New York City with Ben Flanner

What does it take to farm in the middle of New York City? Ben Flanner co-founded Brooklyn Grange with the idea that farming could still happen in major urban centers. So they set out to solve this problem and bring agriculture into the city. They found a few warehouses in Brooklyn and Queens and started farms on their rooftops.

E87 | Rethinking Food | Glenn Livingston

On today's episode we chat with Glenn Livingston.  Glen shares his journey of overcoming obesity and his food prison.  As a psychologist Glenn researched and studied different approaches with overcoming eating disorders.  He has now taken his own experiences and research to help others overcome their problems with food so that they 'Never Binge Again'

E82 | Finding Your True Genius | Jeremy Adams

On the episode Jeremy Adams shares how he started his journey into the business world at a very young age.  One of his keys to success is building incredible teams of experts.  Other topics discussed are finding true success, how to build a network of influencers, the importance of giving, what he learned from hospitality, and taking the risk to chasing your dreams.

E23 | Innovating Experiential Restaurants | Jenny Dorsey

Chef Jenny Dorsey is exploring the possibilities of combining food, conversation, and experience in new an innovative ways. Her restaurant, Wednesdays, has been critically acclaimed .  In this episode Jenny shares her story of finding her passion and choosing to chase her dream instead of the path she was on.  We also discuss New York City, her new venture Studio 10x, and the importance of conversation, and so much more.  This fun episode will make you rethink taking the safe route instead of the dream buried inside.