Building Brands with Steve Trayner

What does it take to build a brand in a crowded market? In today's episode we chat with Steve Trayner about his journey of building brands in the clothings industry. Now he helps other brands find their identity, message, and audience to grow their business and influence the world. Steve founded The Barbarian Agency and Great George Watches. He shares the story of how he and his team built these brands and the lessons they learned along the way.

E100 | A Culture to Power your Mission | Lee Caraher

Lee Caraher is a entrepreneur and business leader.  Her curiosity into unseen issues has lead her to write two books about working in teams (specifically with Millennials).  Lee's unexpected journey into entrepreneurship will inspire you on your own journey into the unknown.  We also discuss branding, mission, technology, and the larger impact of culture in your organization

E69 | Ideas start in the shower | Leonard Kim

Most of us never take the time to face our fears.  Leonard Kim thinks we should start with our fears and use those to drive us to greatness.  Ultimately fear should drive us. In part one of our episode we discuss Facing and using your fears to direct you, overcoming failure, Personal branding, Overcoming startup failure, Ice cream, Becoming the expert and thought leader, Why Shortcuts are killing you, Defining Success, and so much more.

E20 | The Psychology of Branding | Kaye Putnam

Kaye Putnam specializes in psychology-driven brand building for entrepreneurs with big ideas.  In this episode we talk about her journey helping entrepreneurs and businesses overcome the questions of their brand.  We discuss a wide range of topics including accountability, MasterMind groups, brand archetypes, travel and working remotely, and inspiration.  This episode is packed with so much great information and resources you can apply to your dream or idea.