E20 | The Psychology of Branding | Kaye Putnam

Kaye Putnam specializes in psychology-driven brand building for entrepreneurs with big ideas.  In this episode we talk about her journey helping entrepreneurs and businesses overcome the questions of their brand.  We discuss a wide range of topics including accountability, MasterMind groups, brand archetypes, travel and working remotely, and inspiration.  This episode is packed with so much great information and resources you can apply to your dream or idea.

About Kaye Putnam

Hi there! I’m Kaye Putnam, a psychology-driven brand strategist. I’ve been fascinated with the magic of business my whole adult life. I started my first successful business at 16. I got my degree in Marketing and Psychology. And now, 13 years of working with businesses later, I want you to be the next brand I help transform.

My greatest talent is the ability to draw out a truly important message from a million different ‘good’ ideas to create something remarkable. In past roles, agency clients invested in high 5-figure contracts to work with my team. Now, I’m more passionate about helping people like me – entrepreneurs and small business owners – transform their dream future into a reality. I created the In Demand Brand Method to create a brand that attracts the best clients for you.

I truly believe that there is genius in every entrepreneur. By helping you share yours, I get to indirectly improve every person’s life that you touch. It’s what I call ‘exponential impact’ and it drives me every day. I’d be honored to be the partner that brings out your genius to share with your world.

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