Writing and Running with Martin Dugard

Throughout Martin Dugard's life, running has been a consistent place he always returns. He's written for Outside, Sports Illustrated, and Runner's World about the world of running. He recently updated and rereleased his best selling book 'To Be A Runner'. Since his start as a writer, Martin has gone on to be a New York Times bestselling author writing books with Bill O'Reilly, James Patterson, and Mark Burnett.

The Athlete's Lifestyle with Deena Kastor

Rana Gujral didn't take the typical path into the life of Entrepreneurship. Instead of taking the 'safe' path in business, he took a leap into the unknown. As he took this new journey into entrepreneurship he had to embrace the discomfort. Now he is leading the charge to redefine how AI is using EQ (Emotional Intelligence) to redefine Emotional AI.

The Business of Shoes with Steven Sashen

What does it take to build a new shoe business in a industry run by giants? Steve Sashen found that the shoes he was wearing were causing him injury as he ran. He thought that there was a better way, so he started researching minimalism in running. This lead him down the path to build a truly minimalist shoe that is good for you.