The Hierarchy of Business with Marissa Orr

How we lead in business is ever evolving but what if our power driven leadership methods are actually hindering our teams and growth? Marissa Orr wants to change the game and redefine healthy leadership to empower our teams and allow them to have the freedom to work with their own personality and strengths.

From Lawyer to Entrepreneur with Christine Ziebell

Christine Ziebell took the risk of leaving a known career as an attorney to start something of her own. In her journey of entrepreneurship she went from being a lawyer at a law firm to starting her own law firm. This gave her a glimpse into the world of entrepreneurship. From there she decided to take the leap to become a tech founder and start Intraboom.

A Culture of Ideas | Michael Woodward

Have you ever felt that you were meant for more?  Or maybe you felt like you weren't living your purpose.  Often we chase after the 'next big thing' instead of finding the 'thing' that drives us to our dream or big idea.  This 'thing' we need to find it our Identity.  Identity is the core of reaching our dreams and big ideas.

E100 | A Culture to Power your Mission | Lee Caraher

Lee Caraher is a entrepreneur and business leader.  Her curiosity into unseen issues has lead her to write two books about working in teams (specifically with Millennials).  Lee's unexpected journey into entrepreneurship will inspire you on your own journey into the unknown.  We also discuss branding, mission, technology, and the larger impact of culture in your organization

E92 | The Health of Alternative Medicine | Dr. Rachna Patel

Dr. Rachna Patel shares in this episode how Alternative Medicine is going against the world of traditional Medicine.  Her speciality is Medical Marijuana.  She shares about the difference between medical marijuana versus consumer marijuana.  She also shares about the responsibility around medical marijuana.  The industry has also been held back from fully researching marijuana and gathering good data around this type of medicine.  This lack of research has held back the potential of the medical value it offers.  We also discuss the Opioid and Prescription epidemics hitting the US.

E91 | Targeting the Right Audience | Bud Torcom

Bud Torcom shares the importance of social media and digital marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  He gives valuable insights, tips and tricks you can use to learn how to maximize your online exposure.  This starts with targeting the right audience with the right message and then using the tools available to craft a strategy to reach your goals.  Beyond marketing, Bud has a passion for creating culture in the work place.  A culture that enables people to reach their full potential without anxiety or being overworked.  He also believes it's important to make the work place a fun place filled with adventure.

E90 | Untaught Lessons in Small Business | Tim Fulton

On today's episode Tim Fulton shares untaught lesson and realities of small business ownership.  Tim has over 30 years helping small businesses achieve their vision.  In the episode we discuss many important topics for small business owners and entrepreneurs including knowing your strengths and building a great team around you, seeing your blindspots as a business owner, why you need a visionary and a business integrator, the power of coaches / mentors and pier group, why business is personal, anticipating your business needs, letting go and delegating, hiring early, and finding and retaining good talent.

E89 | Changing Culture and Cultivating Greatness | Jeff McManus

On today's episode we chat with Jeff McManus on how to help others find greatness.  While Jeff's primary role is to oversee Landscape Services at the University of Mississippi, he knows that his larger role is to grow leaders.  Topics in the episode include: landscaping, passion, leadership, culture, and failure / success.

In the episode, Jeff shares a quote from former Chancellor Robert Khayat.  'Don't do it for me, let's do it because we are doing it together.' This belief is lived out every day by Jeff and his team.