Can Holistic Health beat Big Pharma? | John McGarvey

What does it take to have 'good' health?  Big Pharma doesn't seem to be making us any healthier.  While in Tibet, John McGarvey (Co-founder and CEO of Dao Labs) discovered ancient Chinese medicine.  This journey made him rethink health and solving modern problems with old approaches.  He is now on a journey to share products that nurture positive health into our lives.  

E92 | The Health of Alternative Medicine | Dr. Rachna Patel

Dr. Rachna Patel shares in this episode how Alternative Medicine is going against the world of traditional Medicine.  Her speciality is Medical Marijuana.  She shares about the difference between medical marijuana versus consumer marijuana.  She also shares about the responsibility around medical marijuana.  The industry has also been held back from fully researching marijuana and gathering good data around this type of medicine.  This lack of research has held back the potential of the medical value it offers.  We also discuss the Opioid and Prescription epidemics hitting the US.