Time to Recharge with Michael Woodward

Recently Elon Musk tweeted that you can not change the world if you work 40 hours a week. He went went on to say that you need to work 80-100 hours to change the world. But is that true? In today's episode we share why this is a big lie and that many of us are hustled out. More work is not the answer. So how do we change the world? How do we create a sustainable journey in life?

Finding Entrepreneurial Rest with Michael Woodward

Have you ever felt worn out or burnt out? Our society is stuck on hustle and grind, but that isn't a sustainable entrepreneurial lifestyle. So how can we have a life long entrepreneurial life? It all starts with rest. In today's episode we go deep into why you need rest and how you can use rest as your superpower. It's time to kill the hustle and start building a life of rest.

A Disciplined Hustle | Michael Levitt

Everyone is talking about hustling, but the hustle is often unsustainable.  Michael Levitt shares how you can create a healthy hustle and prevent burnout in today's episode.  He tells us how a disciplined hustle is the key to reaching your full potential and goals.

In today's episode Michael and I also discuss overcoming loss and catastrophic events, hustle vs a paced journey, setting boundaries in business, keeping work at work, scheduling your life to be more productive, essentialism, creating the life you want to live, health, and much more.

Jazz, Jesus, and the Business of Music | Eric Reed

Eric Reed is a piano player well know in jazz circles.  He has played with some of the great musicians of our time.  In today's episode Eric shares the keys to success on how to navigate the business of music for the next generation.  We also dive deep into creating your signature sound as a musician.  Being a musician is balancing the art with the industry of music.  Eric's passion for music is rooted deeply in family and faith.  He shares how these two elements build his success in music and how it impact his humanity.

E30 | Loving the Journey | Darieth Chisolm

Darieth Chisom is a former NBC Anchor, Emmy Award Winning TV Host, Coach, Speaker, Author, Visibility and Media Strategy Specialist, and podcaster.  Her book, Hustle: Why Now is the Time to Unleash your Passion, is an encouragement to any entrepreneur.  She decided to risk everything she had built to create the life of her dreams.  Her story and wisdom will help you on your journey to create the world of your dreams. 

Topics covered in this episode: The importance of Hustling with heart, Don't wait for permission to chase your passion, Choosing what is important to you, Loving the journey you are on, How to clarify 'what's next', Crafting great workshops, Living from a place of Abundance and Flow, The importance of community and collaboration, Bearing fearless and brave, Flip the coin and rethink everything, Finding the why behind the dream, and so much more.

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