Rediscovering Fun with Michael Woodward

Today on the podcast we are talking about Having FUN!!!

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or simply alive (Little secret: if you are listening I can guarantee that you are alive) we are going to chat about why having fun is so important to live a fulfilled life.

It’s easy to live life and get stuck in the grind, business, responsibilities or the tasks you have to do.  You get buried in life and all of a sudden you are responding to it without purpose or direction…you start to lose your joy, happiness, or drive to keep going?  Sound familiar?

I want you to think back to your childhood, your teens, or even college years.  Those years without the stress of responsibility or expectations….  Can you remember just having fun?  Maybe playing video games, playing outside, hanging with friends, that crazy road trip.  It wasn’t that life was always easy….but can you remember what it was like?

For me I can think back a few years when I first got married (to the best woman ever) and we had so much fun.  We traveled, did crazy cool stuff, even had season passes to Disneyland.  Our friends even would say that we were the fun ones (for some of you that might be hard to imagine).  But it’s true.  Fun was built into our lives….it was part of who we are.

So how does fun impact your life?  Are you having fun any more?  What crazy cool thing have you done lately?

I know for me things have gotten busier and busier.  More and more responsibilities and in the grind of things I started to lose the power of having fun.  Sometimes it happens quickly, but often life happens and we just forget to be intentional about how we live life.  So how intentional are you about building the life you want to live?  My guess is that you might be stuck in the flow of letting life happen to you and responding to every day situations.

Well today I want to challenge you to rethink what you are doing.  Kill the grind and start living an intentional life that builds fun into it.  If you are feeling stuck…introduce fun.  If you are feeling burnt out, step back and get rest (and listen to last weeks episode about rest) and start to bring fun back into life too.

6 reasons fun at the office is the future of work | Article on Ciphr (

Happy employees are healthier and more productive – so don’t overlook the importance of having fun in the workplace

1. Happy employees are healthier
2. Having fun improves communication and collaboration
3. Fun breeds creativity
4. Promoting fun attracts an audience
5. Having fun makes employees more productive
6. Having fun encourages advocacy

Having fun looks different to everyone.   So you need to step back and really think   about what fun looks like for you.  As an entrepreneur or business owner, you get to paint that picture and create that culture.

What can fun look like?
-Charging environment
-The people you are around, your family 
-Watching movies / tv / playing games (entertainment)
-Getting outdoors (hiking, camping)
-Exercise (running, crossfire)
-Creative projects.
-And so much more.

So take a moment and think back… I want you to ask yourself these questions..

  1. Are you having fun?

  2. How are you different when you are having fun?

  3. How do you view life when you are having fun?

  4. When was the last time you had fun? At work, at home, in community?

  5. What’s holding you back from having fun?  How can you change that?

  6. What are you doing to be intentional to build fun into your life?

We are going into the holiday season…Canadian Thanksgiving (well that one already passed), Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, new years….  For many this is a sad season, but why not use it as your ‘micro experiment’ to find fun again.  What’s going on around you (in your town, city)?  How can you connect with others during this season and do fun things?  What’s something new you can learn (maybe crafty, historical).  

Now it’s up to you to start making the change…becoming intentional about fun.  See how it impacts you, sparks creativity, makes you more motivated, fills you with happiness and joy.  Get out there, make it happen and start sparking more fun in your life again!

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