The Power of Boredom with Michael Woodward

Boredom is often considered bad. But what if I told you that boredom can unlock creativity and help make your dreams and ideas become reality? In today's episode we share how you can use boredom as a tool in your journey of finding significance and purpose. In society today it is easy to get stuck in the routine of everyday.

Urban Farming in New York City with Ben Flanner

What does it take to farm in the middle of New York City? Ben Flanner co-founded Brooklyn Grange with the idea that farming could still happen in major urban centers. So they set out to solve this problem and bring agriculture into the city. They found a few warehouses in Brooklyn and Queens and started farms on their rooftops.

Look Back to Move Forward with Michael Woodward

Our lives are often defined by our pasts. We have to 'look back to move forward.' But what is it about our past that sets us up for the future. How can we grow and learn from our past? Over the last few years I have had the words 'look back to move forward' on my mind. For a long time I had no idea what that meant or why it was important. As I learned more from my past, I found that it taught me a lot about the future that I was creating.

Remember What Matters with Michael Woodward

As entrepreneurs, dreamers, and people with big ideas we often forget what matters. It's easy to get busy with all the things we 'have to do' that we forget to live a life driven with purpose. In today's episode Michael shares some stores (both past and present) about lessons he has learned about living a life that is intentional about what matters. He will leave you with a personal challenge to go deeper and take stock of what is significant in our lives.

Creating Global Reach with Technology | Tom Poland

Is your business generating prospects but not highly qualified leads?  How can you identify your perfect customer and have them reaching out to you?  Tom Poland is a lead generating guru.  He shares the keys to building effective lead generation systems to make your business filled with perfect customers.

Business Authority and How You Get It | Michael Greenberg

Do you feel like no one is listening?  Maybe you don't feel like you have the authority should should with your business.  Michael Greenberg shares how you can start building credibility using content.  He says that it's not what you know or who you know, but it's who knows what you know.  We also dive deep into networking and building influence in the episode.

Creating Work with Purpose | Jeremy Ryan Slate

Does your work matter?  Are you living with purpose?  Jeremy Ryan Slate shares how he stopped hating his life and started creating a life of purpose.  Now he helps others get their message heard by the right audience.  Jeremy will share how you can start making your work have purpose!

Mission Centered Entrepreneur & Business | Liz Theresa

Liz Theresa is creating a fresh approach to web design and copywriting taking her clients from concept to creation.  The key to good copy is to make your words count.  This has led Liz on a journey to become a mission centered entrepreneur that is building a business filled with passion and purpose.

E97 | Ask Great Questions | Vanessa Shaw

Vanessa Shaw is designing the business that will give her the life that she loves.  In today's episode she shares how you can do the same thing with your business and how you can reconnect with your dreams and passions.  Her specialty is the 'Zone of Genius'.  She gives us insights into what the Zone of Genius is and how you can find your zone.  Along the way you will learn how you can put the right team around you so that everyone is living to their full potential in their zone of genius too.  

E96 | More is Never Enough | Damion Lupo

Damion Lupo is a disruptor changing the perceptions around money, business, and life.  In today's episode Damion shares that we are not meant to play small and should start designing the life we want to live.  We dive deep into the world of learning versus our traditional model of education.  Other topics include: redefining success, finding fulfillment, starting with gratitude, expanding our impact, developing our confidence muscle, and much more.

E67 | Making the impossible possible | Leland Jones

Purpose and Passion are somethings that some spend their entire life trying to find.  Leland Jones shares his experience on how you can stop waisting your time and start living your life of destiny.  Ultimately this can lead you to changing the world around you because a human with purpose is unstoppable.  

E66 | Going Beyond Tolerance | Dr. Eric Bryant

On today's episode we discuss Christianity and diversity with Dr. Eric Bryant. Often we focus on our differences and find ourselves divided.  We've settled for tolerance instead of true embrace.  Eric's book, Not Like Me: A Field Guide for a Divided World, is celebrating it's 10th anniversary with a rerelease and update for the challenging times we are facing today.

E64 | Make your Message a Movement | Divya Parekh

Divya Parekh brings over 25 years of rich and varied experiences to her roles as a coach and a speaker. Her professional career includes positions as a university associate professor, scientist, biotechnology professional, and as a global business relationship and leadership coach. She merges her biopharmaceutical career with my extensive experience as a coach, author, consultant, and speaker. Her passion for coaching and the sincere desire to make a positive impact on people led her to develop effective evidence-based leadership and partnership programs.