Building Brands with Steve Trayner

What does it take to build a brand in a crowded market? In today's episode we chat with Steve Trayner about his journey of building brands in the clothings industry. Now he helps other brands find their identity, message, and audience to grow their business and influence the world. Steve founded The Barbarian Agency and Great George Watches. He shares the story of how he and his team built these brands and the lessons they learned along the way.

The Art of Innovation and Invention with Michael Woodward

Recently Apple held their spring product announcement. In the announcement they launched their new products including Apple Card, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, and Apple News. Are these new services and products fall in line with the Apple innovation and invention that we've come to know? In today'e episode we chat about the power of innovation and invention. I share how Apple has lost it's identity and visionary power.

Don't Outsource Your Ideas | Jarl Jensen

Jarl Jensen is a specialist in inventing and innovating many medical devices.  He has issued patents having retail sales of over $500 million dollars. Jarl shares how you need to own your idea and build a team around you.  Being hands on with your ideas is the key to making them reach their full potential.

In today's episode Jarl and I also discuss his new book 'Optimizing America', creating a cultural economic change, making economics cool, how understanding economics can help you create your own personal ecosystem, the importance of innovative leaders, evolving your idea, writing and selling books, and much more.