real estate

Creating Streams of Money | Matt Theriault

Matt Theriault's journey into entrepreneurship has been a journey of discovery.  Today he is a successful Real Estate investor and helps others learn how to do it too.  

On today's episode Matt and I discuss rebuilding success, unlikely mentors, buying and selling real estate, the importance of mentors, being a well rounded creative investor, overcoming the idea problem, creating a strategy of hope, creating the life you want to live, and much more.

Shortchanged by Shortcuts | Aaron Hendon

Have you ever been shortchanged by shortcuts?  Aaron Hendon shares why you need to rethink the status quo and start living an intentional life to get ahead.  Topics in today's episode include: growing up in an entrepreneurial family, re-inventing yourself, the world of real estate, seeing the world from your customers point of view, rethinking the status quo, using entrepreneurship as a tool to take back your life, and much more.

E94 | Systems for Success | Whitney Nicely

Whitney Nicely is an expert in Real Estate Investing.  In today's episode she share about being the 4th generation entrepreneur and how it has set her on her own path of entrepreneurship.  On her journey of entrepreneurship she found a passion for Real Estate Investing as her key to freedom.  She finds people with a problem and she solves it.  Over the last few years Whitney has been able to create systems and strategies in place to automate the daily operations of her business.