Creating Streams of Money | Matt Theriault


Matt Theriault's journey into entrepreneurship has been a journey of discovery.  Today he is a successful Real Estate investor and helps others learn how to do it too.  

On today's episode Matt and I discuss rebuilding success, unlikely mentors, buying and selling real estate, the importance of mentors, being a well rounded creative investor, overcoming the idea problem, creating a strategy of hope, creating the life you want to live, and much more.

Matt Theriault is a USMC “Desert Storm” Veteran who enjoyed 15 successful years in the music business as a record producer and label owner. When the digital download killed the record store, he found virtually everything that he had built become obsolete in a matter of months. The demise of his music business was swift and unforgiving to the point that Matt was forced to start life, personally and professionally, from square one at the age of 34. The transition from a 7-figure year to $7 an hour bagging groceries was a humbling one to say the least. 

When the most unlikely of mentors, the grocery store manager, shared with Matt the wisdom “Real estate is the final frontier where the average person has a legitimate shot at creating real wealth,” he embraced it, ran with it and has never looked back.

Theriault, now an accomplished real estate investor and mentor has built a cash flowing real estate portfolio of 100+ units over the last 10 years, is enjoying his financial independence, continues to build his portfolio and has discovered a new passion for creating systems and showing others how to replicate his results. 

You will find that his approach to real estate investing is conservative, simple, to the point and efficient. Matt credits his success to performing as much, if not more, due diligence on his real estate team as he does the market and properties themselves.

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Intro / About Matt: 1:49 minutes
Interview: 11:18 minutes
Rapid Rire Questions: 37:04 minutes

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