Seeing The Unknown | Michael Woodward


How do you see the unknown?  Did you ever wonder how visionaries like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Walt Disney, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, and others have been able to see what others could not?  Today we dive deep into seeing the unknown and becoming the visionary leader you have always wanted to become.  We share '10 traits of visionary leaders' and '7 ways you can start seeing the unknown'.

10 Traits of Visionary Leaders
1. They are imaginative
2. They are open minded
3. They are resolute
4. They are persistent
5. They are bold, not timid
6. They show empathy towards others
7. They inspire others
8. They are magnetic.  They include and invite others to make the vision theirs
9. They collaborate with others
10. They are optimistic
Bonus: They balance vision and action

7 ways you can start seeing the unknown
1. Re-imagine how things are.  Reform reality
2. See it from an outsider's perspective
3. Ask 'Why Not'
4. Ask 'What If'
5. Combine supporting concepts
6. Connect opposing thoughts and theories
7. Learn deep knowledge about the topic