Investing in Startups with Chuck Pettid

Have you ever wondered how you could invest in the next big startup? Investing in startups can be complex. Where do you find trustworthy startups? How can you invest in their ideas and dreams? On Today's show we chat with Chuck Pettid, CEO of Republic Funding Portal.

Crowdfunded Startup Capital with Kendrick Nguyen

You've heard of crowdfunding to get a product or service off the ground. But what if you actually want to crowdfund VC or Angel Funding? Can you truly bring startup funding to the masses? Kendrick Nguyen is doing just that through his company Republic. Getting into the world of VC or Angel Funding as an investor can be hard to do. It's often limited to accredited investors who are millionaires and billionaires. That's changing through Republic.

The Ever Evolving Life of Dreams and Ideas with Michael Woodward

Have you ever chased a dream or idea and it didn't turn out like you expected? The picture in your mind didn't measure up to the reality of life? Dreams and ideas like people grow and change. Maybe it's time to evolve your dream. Today in the episode we go deep into 8 ways you can evolve your dreams and ideas and live a life a purpose.

Entrepreneurial Financial Freedom | Grant Sabatier

It seams like most of us are struggling to live financial free every day. This is especially true from entrepreneurs. Grant Sabatier lived the live of scrapping by and decided it was time for a change. Through entrepreneurship, side hustling and investing Grant was able to go from broke to financial freedom.

The 10% Entrepreneur | Patrick McGinnis

You have a job but you are looking for more.  You aren't ready to give up that job, so what do you do?  Patrick McGinnis shares how you can be a 10% entrepreneur and create a diversified career.  He shares the 5 types of entrepreneurs and gives you some steps to making your dreams and the dreams others a reality.  It's time to move past the fear and start building the life of your dreams.

Creating Streams of Money | Matt Theriault

Matt Theriault's journey into entrepreneurship has been a journey of discovery.  Today he is a successful Real Estate investor and helps others learn how to do it too.  

On today's episode Matt and I discuss rebuilding success, unlikely mentors, buying and selling real estate, the importance of mentors, being a well rounded creative investor, overcoming the idea problem, creating a strategy of hope, creating the life you want to live, and much more.

E94 | Systems for Success | Whitney Nicely

Whitney Nicely is an expert in Real Estate Investing.  In today's episode she share about being the 4th generation entrepreneur and how it has set her on her own path of entrepreneurship.  On her journey of entrepreneurship she found a passion for Real Estate Investing as her key to freedom.  She finds people with a problem and she solves it.  Over the last few years Whitney has been able to create systems and strategies in place to automate the daily operations of her business.