Technology Driven Healthcare with Anup Singh


How does technology change healthcare? Anup Singh and InnaMed are rethinking how you manage your health once you leave your doctor or a hospital visit. By using technology with healthcare, they are able to offer better 'at home' monitoring all while giving doctors more time to address the modern tasks of having a practice. This innovative approach is helping individuals get better care all while navigating the complex changes to their lives due to conditionals like heart failure, kidney failure, and post-transplant care.

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About Anup Singh
Anup Singh is co-founder and Chief Science Officer of InnaMed, a Y Combinator–backed startup that is developing a smart, at-home blood-testing device for monitoring chronically ill patients. Prior to InnaMed, Anup was a PhD student at UCLA in bioengineering and completed his BA and MS at the University of Pennsylvania in physics and biophysics. He has co-authored multiple peer-reviewed publications in the fields of microfluidics and point-of-care diagnostics and has been a speaker at conferences focusing on areas in the pharmaceutical and medical technology spaces.

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