E33 | A Lifetime of Books | Mani Vaya

Mani Vaya is the founder of 2000 Books.  He is a Physicist and Electrical & Computer Engineer and has spent 13 years in the TECH industry rising up the ranks to manage Billion $+ cellphone projects at Fortune 500 Company. However, he gave it all up to start 2000 Books.  2000 Books is the leading website for book summaries for entrepreneurs, podcast with the authors the books, and the launching place for community around learning and education for entrepreneurs.  

Mani also provides consulting services for entrepreneurs who are seeking help growing their YouTube Channel, growing their podcast, or learning how to connect with influencers.

In this episode we discuss reading, taking the risk to leave a career to chase your big idea, the importance of education, how to have impact, being more than you are today, how thoughts impact actions, and so much more.

E4 | Creating the Love Revolution | Gaylord Enns

Gaylord Enns has served in full-time Christian ministry for over forty years. He started ministry to college students in the 60’s and was a leader in the Jesus Movement of the 70’s. His pastoral ministry served one congregation for thirty-three years.

In 2003, he founded Servant Leadership Network (SLN) to facilitate ministry to pastors and next-generation leaders. He is the author of Love Revolution: Rediscovering the Lost Command of Jesus, released in 2008.