Finding Your Fashion Branding with Elizabeth Lewis

Many people believe that you should find the 'one' thing you are meant to do. But what happens when you marry two ideas or dreams to make one new one? That is what Elizabeth Lewis has done with her company Brand, Style & Bloom! She is taking her passion for fashion and branding and turning it into something new.

Idea Camps with Michael Woodward

Have you ever had an idea or dream but kept putting it off? Maybe you felt that the dream was to big or that you didn't have the resources to pull it off. Maybe your hangup was fear of failure or even success. No matter the reason many of us never take the steps to make our dreams a reality. We are waiting for 'one day.' That perfect day when everything is right to make those dreams a reality.

Finding Your Focus with Michael Woodward

Today on the podcast we are talking about focus. If you are chasing big ideas and dreams you need focus (some would even say Hyper Focus). As an entrepreneur you need focus. I don’t know about you, but it seems that everyday the noise of life gets louder and clarity, true focus, is harder to find. We live in an age to 24/7 news with the cable news networks, constant connection the internet and through our social channels. Our lives are dictated by texts, immediate connection by phone, constant feeds of data about our friends on social networks, the latest on our favorite celebrity or tv show…and so much more.  

Finding Entrepreneurial Rest with Michael Woodward

Have you ever felt worn out or burnt out? Our society is stuck on hustle and grind, but that isn't a sustainable entrepreneurial lifestyle. So how can we have a life long entrepreneurial life? It all starts with rest. In today's episode we go deep into why you need rest and how you can use rest as your superpower. It's time to kill the hustle and start building a life of rest.

The Holistic Entrepreneur | Michael Woodward

Have you ever felt incomplete or like you are hiding a part of your life? We have been taught to segment our lives. But we weren’t created to be partial humans. We were created to be whole people. In today’s episode we discuss what it means to be a ‘Holistic’ Entrepreneur.

Building Community for Dreams and Ideas | Michael Woodward

Does community impact the lives of dreamers and idea makers? We often look to entrepreneurs and world changers thinking that their is some kind of magic they use to make their ideas and dreams become reality. What really are the driving factors behind their achievements? How can they overcome failure, disappointment, obstacles, and fear? There are many factors that allow leading entrepreneurs to reach those dreams and ideas. One of the key elements are the communities around them. In today's episode we discuss how community impacts our dreams, what we can do to build authentic community, how you can connect at a deeper level, and why you need community more now than ever.

The Dreamer's Method to Micro Experiments | Michael Woodward

Ever entrepreneur faces the feeling of being overwhelmed by their dreams and ideas.  We also set ourself up for failure and disappointment by setting unrealistic expectations and goals.   How can we overcome the pitfalls of chasing our big ideas and dreams?  Why not try a micro experiment?

E75 | The Journey to Ideas | Michael Woodward

Today we celebrate Columbus day.  Columbus day and Columbus himself have become increasingly controversial over the last few years.  Weather you love or loath Columbus, there are important lessons we can learn from him.  In today's episode I share on the importance of Pilgrimages and Purposeful Journeys.  I also leave you with 10 reasons why Pilgrimages might be the perfect thing to spark your next big idea or chase that long lost dream.

E37 | Lessons from Memorial Day | Michael Woodward

Michael Woodward is the founder and CEO of jumbleThink.  In today's very special episode we reflect on the lessons we can learn from Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is a day to celebrate those in the US Military Services who gave the ultimate sacrifice, their lives.  We reflect on three lessons we can learn from those who have given it all.

Topics covered in this episode: A big idea to believe in, Giving your life for a cause, Ideas and dreams cost something / there is a sacrifice.