Remember What Matters with Michael Woodward


How often have you been chasing a dream or idea and found that you were nowhere near where what you set out to create? Maybe it was a bucket list item, a career choice, or starting your own thing? It's often in the journey that we lose sight of what matters along the way. In today's show we are talking all about making the long journey of chasing dreams and ideas a little easier by remembering what matters.

Intro (1:37)
- Things we forget when chasing dreams
- How not to chase a dream

10 Things to Remember: Part One
- The people around you (9:12)
- Remember who you are isn't what you do (13:36)
- Why you are chasing your dream and why your dream matters (16:26)
- What you stand for (19:56)
- Faith (23:38)

10 Things to Remember: Part Two
- Sleep (27.48)
- Eat (32:01)
- Have fun (34:01)
- You are in this for the long haul (37:30)
- Things will be ok (39:30)

Final thoughts and challenge (45:44)

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