Simplicity in Entrepreneurship | Michael Woodward

Entrepreneurship is a difficult journey.  What if I told you that you are making it harder?  Today I share why simplicity should be the core of how you should chase your big ideas and dreams.  In the episode we redefine simplicity and complexity to better communicate how you can simplify ideas and dreams. 

The Legal Entrepreneur | Rachel Brenke

Starting an entrepreneurial journey can be overwhelming. There are so many things that you need to do.  One of the areas that is often overlooked is the legal responsibilities of starting your entrepreneurial journey.  What entity type should you be, how do I write a contract, copyrights, trademarks, and countless other questions are unknown to those chasing big ideas and dreams.

Coaches, Mentors, and Leaders | Jim Akers

What does it take to build success?  Jim Akers shares why community is the key to business success.  You can not get where you want to go on your own.  We were created for community.  In entrepreneurship a trusted coach, mentor, and leader will help you on the journey.  It's the support of each other and input that can drive us past fear, failure, and other obstacles to make our dreams real!

Changing your Future Story | Jason Treu

If you don't like your current story, it's not to late to change your future story.  Jason Treu tells us how we can create a blueprint for our future.

In today's episode we discuss creating a career blueprint, realizing your potential, removing your blindspots, the highs and low of entrepreneurship, finding happiness and fulfillment, purpose, the social aspects of business, drive versus motivation, and much more.

Finding Your Bourne Identity | Michael Woodward

Have you ever felt that you were meant for more?  Or maybe you felt like you weren't living your purpose.  Often we chase after the 'next big thing' instead of finding the 'thing' that drives us to our dream or big idea.  This 'thing' we need to find it our Identity.  Identity is the core of reaching our dreams and big ideas.

E67 | Making the impossible possible | Leland Jones

Purpose and Passion are somethings that some spend their entire life trying to find.  Leland Jones shares his experience on how you can stop waisting your time and start living your life of destiny.  Ultimately this can lead you to changing the world around you because a human with purpose is unstoppable.