Connecting with your audience with Erik Cabral

Content is king in modern marketing. Every guru has a formula on what kind of content you should be creating and how often you should be posting. Often in the push to create more content we lose our focus. The content becomes sloppy and the needs and desires of our audience are not met. So how do we keep our authenticity of message in the content we create?

The Millennial Whisperer with Chris Tuff

The Millennial generation is often stereotyped and misunderstood. So what is the truth about millennials in the workplace and life? How can we build startups, businesses, and corporations that engage this generation and drive them further into purpose in their work? Today’s guest, Chris Tuff, helps walk us through the process of moving from the stereotype and into a place where we embrace each other across generational divides.

How to Convert Your Audience | Chris Dayley

Marketing can be overwhelming.  Often this feeling causes businesses to be slow to act or freeze instead of moving forward.  On today's episode Chris Dayley shares how marketing is the key to taking your business to the next level.  Chis shares how understanding your audience and what they really want is the key to successful marketing.  His company focuses on helping businesses understand their audience in then building their website and digital campaigns around their customers needs.  Other topics we discuss include: moving past inspiration, converting your audience, being on the pulse of your customer's desires, web design / development / and usability, looking to the past and the future, learning from failure, and creating culture.