The Athlete's Lifestyle with Deena Kastor

Rana Gujral didn't take the typical path into the life of Entrepreneurship. Instead of taking the 'safe' path in business, he took a leap into the unknown. As he took this new journey into entrepreneurship he had to embrace the discomfort. Now he is leading the charge to redefine how AI is using EQ (Emotional Intelligence) to redefine Emotional AI.

E26 | Finding Adventure | Tim Laskis

Tim Laskis has his Ph.D. in clinical psychology with an emphasis in organizational behavior.   He also has worked as an organizational consultant, executive coach, professor and mental skills coach with some of the world’s fastest professional motocross athletes.  Tim also has an active blog, YouTube Channel, and hosts a popular podcast.  His book, Finding Your Costa Rica, encourages people to find their success.  In this episode we talk about his journey overcoming major obstacles and discovering his passion. We discuss a wide range of topics including education, taking risks, the important things in life, his book and podcast, and so much more.  This episode is filled with practical steps and encouraging stories to help you pursue your dreams.