The Athlete's Lifestyle with Deena Kastor


What does it take to be an elite athlete? How can you set records in multiple disciplines of running? In today's episode Deena Kastor shares the story of her running career and how it changed her thinking, leading her to victory. Deena holds the American record for the marathon and half marathon distances. She also won bronze in the 2004 Athens Olympics. In the episode we talk about running, family, the power of team, overcoming disappointment, finding identity, and flow.

'Many people describe flow as effortless. But a race was always an effort. Flow, to me, was the absence of resistance, when you push into a pace and find nothing in the way of your pursuit. It's movement in its most freeing form.' - Deena Kastor

Book: Let Your Mind Run: A memoir of thinking my way to victory by Deena Kastor and Michelle Hamilton

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About Deena Kastor
With a record-breaking running resume that elevates and evolves at the same speed as her insatiable pursuit of excellence, Deena Kastor is one of the world’s most extraordinary female athletes. Deena’s career is earmarked by her groundbreaking 2004 Olympic Bronze Medal in the marathon in Athens, Greece, which shattered a 20-year medal draught for U.S. women in the event. Yet, the accomplishments of the 3-time Olympian certainly don’t stop there. Deena is currently the American Record Holder in the marathon (2:19:36) and half marathon (1:07:34) yet has held American records in a distances from 5K to the marathon. She has made 19 U.S. Teams, won 18 U.S. titles and earned two Silver Medals at the World Cross-Country Championships. She is also an 8-Time NCAA All-American. Deena’s win at the 2005 Chicago Marathon was highlighted in the inspiring documentary, Spirit of the Marathon. Deena followed that momentum to win the 2006 London marathon which ranked her #1 in the world that year. In 2014 Deena set 5 world masters records in one race during the Philadelphia Rock ‘n’ Roll Half-Marathon. Deena believes in a balance of life and strives to always be grateful and give back to her community. She is the president of the ASICS Mammoth Track Club, a local running club with recreational members as well as professionals seeking Olympic berths. She is a motivational speaker for corporations, clubs and races. She is currently the Executive Producer of BOSTON, the marathon documentary, because she knows it will inspire runners and also attract people to the sport she loves. Deena has called the town of Mammoth Lakes, CA home for the last 14 years where the altitude of 8,050 feet and simple mountain lifestyle have enhanced her running and allowed all aspects of her life to thrive. When not training with her Asics Mammoth Track Club Teammates, Deena enjoys spending quality time with her family (husband Andrew, daughter Piper and French Mastiff Zita), painting with girlfriends and cooking gourmet dinners for guests at her home. Deena has a reputation for bringing her very best self to the starting line while simultaneously inspiring excellence in everyone around her.