The Power of Community with Michael Woodward


Continuing our series on 'The Power of' we dive into The Power of Community. Community is significant for the success of ideas and dreams. But what is community, why is it powerful, and who makes up the community that drive our ideas and dreams forward. In today's episode we dive deep into community.

In segment one we define the traits and characteristics of community? We believe that their are seven key traits including:

  1. Interest and Topic

  2. Location

  3. Shared Culture

  4. Common Goal / Reason / or thought

  5. Ownership

  6. A long term commitment

  7. Shared Values

In segment two we discuss why community matters to dreamers and idea makers:

  1. Conflict

  2. Support

  3. Wisdom and Experience

  4. Perspective and Insight

In segment three we discuss the different people who need to be in your community if you are trying to make your dreams and ideas a reality:

  1. Family and Friends

  2. Your Social Groups

  3. Peer Groups and Mastermind Groups

  4. Experts

  5. Coaches

  6. Places of Learning

  7. Your Team

  8. Early Adaptors and Advocates

  9. Customers

In our final segment we bring it all together to share how you can use the 'Power of Community' to supercharge your dreams and ideas.

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