The Power of Adventure with Michael Woodward

Have you ever felt stuck in your life's routine? Do you feel like you are playing it safe and not taking the risks to move your dreams and ideas forward? You might need The Power of Adventure back in your life. In the last few weeks we've discussed 'The Power of Boredom' and 'The Power of Wonder'. On today's episode we chat about 'The Power of Adventure'. Many of us choose to life the safe and comfortable life instead of stepping into the life we were designed to live. Our lives feel small and insignificant. One tool that you can use to step into the unknown and overcome the fears is The Power of Adventure.

The Kindness Diaries | Leon Logothetis

Leon Logothetis chose to give up a life of comfort for a life of fulfillment.  This took him from being a stock broker in London to traveling the world through the kindness of strangers.  His journeys are documented in the Netflix series 'The Kindness Diaries'.  

In today's episode Leon and I also discuss The Kindness Diaries, living your best life, kindness, tv production, chasing your dreams, division versus unity, living in the unknown, finding fulfillment and purpose, and much more.

Unstuck from Safe | Captain Jim Palmer

How can you stop living the 'safe life' and start living the 'adventure of your life?'  Captain Jim Palmer shares how he and his wife sold their home, bought the boat, and started their own adventure.  He also shares how he runs a successful business from the high seas ultimately creating life on his terms.

E84 | No such thing as safe | Maxwell Finn

On today's episode we chat with Maxwell Finn.  Max is a third generation entrepreneur.  He shares the lessons that he has learned from his Dad and Grandfather on his own journey of entrepreneurship.  We also talk about the death and rebirth of entrepreneurship in fabric of American Culture and how it is affecting the Millennial Generation.  We finish the episode chatting about digital marketing and how small businesses can adapt and use it to their advantage.

E83 | A Lifestyle of Adventure | Erik Seversen

On today's episode we chat with Erik Seversen about what he has learned through his life of adventure.  He shares how he balances everything all while staying authentic to himself.  Throughout the interview we discuss a wide range of topics including following opportunities, leadership, approaching adversity and the unknown, going against the expected, passion, purpose, meaning, and belonging.  Erik shares amazing insights that will transform our thinking and changing our perspective on how we approach life and living to the fullest.