E83 | A Lifestyle of Adventure | Erik Seversen


On today's episode we chat with Erik Seversen about what he has learned through his life of adventure.  He shares how he balances everything all while staying authentic to himself.  Throughout the interview we discuss a wide range of topics including following opportunities, leadership, approaching adversity and the unknown, going against the expected, passion, purpose, meaning, and belonging.  Erik shares amazing insights that will transform our thinking and changing our perspective on how we approach life and living to the fullest.

Erik has traveled to over 80 countries around the world and 49 of the 50 states in the USA, and he’s lived in France, Japan, Thailand, French Guiana, Washington State, Virginia, Alaska, and California.

Learning from different people as well as having time to think are the driving forces for Erik’s desire to travel.

Erik used to frequently say, “I’m not an expert, but…”  Then one day he simply realized that maybe he was an expert on certain topics. He certainly forged a life filled with extraordinary feats. He went from flunking the second grade to graduating high school with a below-average GPA to flourishing at Green River Community College to graduating near the top of his class at UCLA and attaining his Masters from the University of Virginia.

Erik has ridden a mtorcycle on six continents and crossed the USA on one twice, and he’s summited of the highest mountain of eight countries and five states. He also has extensive experience teaching at the university level and working in business development, and he still pursues an adventurous lifestyle with his family.

Life for Erik isn’t perfect, if a “perfect” life even exists, but starting out in an average middle-class family in an unassuming suburb of a suburb of Tacoma, Washington, Erik ended up finding an amazing path in life.  This achievement wasn’t accidental, and Erik now enjoys sharing what he learned and how he applied a multi-perspective awareness and non-linear approach to reach his goals which naysayers claimed were impossible.

Erik attributes the extraordinary accomplishments of his life to a well-balanced focus on his Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Website: http://erikseversen.com/jumblethink/