E84 | No such thing as safe | Maxwell Finn


On today's episode we chat with Maxwell Finn.  Max is a third generation entrepreneur.  He shares the lessons that he has learned from his Dad and Grandfather on his own journey of entrepreneurship.  We also talk about the death and rebirth of entrepreneurship in fabric of American Culture and how it is affecting the Millennial Generation.  We finish the episode chatting about digital marketing and how small businesses can adapt and use it to their advantage.

Maxwell Finn is CMO and co-founder of Unicorn Innovations.  He has years of experience creating hugely profitable Facebook ads, spending millions of dollars for both his clients and his own companies.

Max is a serial entrepreneur and has launched, grown and sold several eCommerce brands and venture backed startups.

Max was able to grow his latest ecommerce brand, Startup Drugz, from 0-$100,000 in sales in less than 4 months and hit a $500k run rate in just 6 months.  This was all accomplished with Facebook marketing an several automated email funnels.

He's passionate about helping new entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve success.

Websites: http://www.maxwellfinn.com/http://unicorninnovations.com/