Pushing the Limits of Creativity | Troy Christopher Plota

How can you push the boundaries of creativity past their limits?  Why does collaboration beat competition?  What is the future of Photography?  Troy Christopher Plota is a leader in photography and his company Plotaverse is using technology to reinvent community, collaboration, and the future of creativity. 

E93 | The Uncommon Entrepreneur | Jeffery Shaw

Jeffrey Shaw has been a leading portrait photographer for the last 30 years.  In this episode he shares the story that set him up for success in business.  It all comes back to speaking the secret language of your customers.  Jeffrey also gives us some insights into how you can take the uncommon and make it into a thriving business.  We also discuss why many of the 'traditional' views of business and marketing need to be changed.  It all starts with taking your area of authority and turning it into the new niche.  Other topics covered in this episode include: moving past audience into community, the importance of gratitude, the validation paradox, building businesses with a soul, and understanding your ideal customer's perspective.

E10 | Storytelling through Photography | Gary Arndt

In this episode I talk to Gary Arndt the creator of Everything Everywhere, world traveler, award winning photographer, podcaster, and just all around cool guy.  He discusses travel, stories from his various expeditions, how he learned photography, and where his next adventure is leading him.  His stories will encourage you to travel more and chase your dreams.  Gary's life is filled with events that could fill most people's bucket list and yet he still continues to push forward into new territory.  You won't want to miss this episode!