Finding Your Fashion Branding with Elizabeth Lewis

Many people believe that you should find the 'one' thing you are meant to do. But what happens when you marry two ideas or dreams to make one new one? That is what Elizabeth Lewis has done with her company Brand, Style & Bloom! She is taking her passion for fashion and branding and turning it into something new.

10 Questions with Michael Woodward

Today our host Michael Woodward is answering questions from Quora. Michael received countless questions on Quora to answer. So we thought it would be fun to take some of those questions and answer them right here in the podcast. We went crazy in selecting questions and picked a wide range of questions ranging from the crazy to the practical steps you can apply to your business or podcast.

Diversity in Entrepreneurship with Bianca Caban

The world of startups is filled with dreamers and idea makers. But the funding from VC money usually only serves a small pocket of entrepreneurs. There is a diversity gap in the startup world. Bianca Caban, The Republic Team, and SheWorx has set out to open doors to women and other founders to get the funding to make their dreams and ideas reality too.

Finding Community in Business with John Bundy

To be successful in business you quickly learn that you need the support of the people around you. But often those closest to you do not know how to help you. You need to find a community of entrepreneurs and business owners. In theory that makes sense and is an easy concept to understand. But where do you find this community? How do you help and support each other?

The Dirty Business of Laundry with Rechelle Balanzat

The business of laundry is steeped in tradition. What happens when you approach an old philosophy of business by integrating new technology solutions? This is the question that Rechelle Balanzat set out to answer. For her, the way laundry and dry-cleaning services worked felt outdated. It was inconvenient, slow, and frustrating for customers to use.

Data Driven Decisions with Jim Caruso

Big data has been at the center of conversation is business, politics, and marketing for the last few years. We are in a time in history in which we have more data than ever before. Data is great, but what do we do to fully understand it and use it to the benefit of building our dreams, ideas, and businesses? Jim Caruso is the co-founder and CEO of Apollo Program where they have set out to allow their customers to understand their customers better through the use of data.

Building Successful Startups with Todd & Kim Saxton

There are things that you know, things you know you don't know, and things you don't know that you don't know. As an entrepreneur how do you navigate the icebergs that could derail your ideas, dreams, startups, or business? Todd and Kim Saxton set out to answer that very question by using their experience as entrepreneurs and academics. This led them to write 'The Titanic Effect' to help entrepreneurs successfully avoid the mistakes that most startup founders make.

Finding your Lemonade Life with Zack Friedman

Life doesn’t always give you Lemonade. Sometimes you have to make Lemonade from the lemon’s you are given. How do you find this place of joy, happiness, purpose, and fulfillment? Zack Friedman shares his story of how he found happiness in the craziness of entrepreneurship. In today’s episode, Zack shares a few steps you can use right now to fuel success, create happiness, and conquer anything.

Monetizing Everyday Content with Emile Mimran

It seems that everyone is a social media marketer or influencer making millions of dollars of their content. The reality is that it is much harder to monetize your digital content. Emile Mimran built Adinlay to solve that problem by making it easy for everyday people to monetize their social media posts. Adinlay is making it simple to connect with corporations you love and then to turn your posts into extra cash.

Bringing Hope through Animals with Shana Yadid

Life is hard and often leaves us with trauma. How can we overcome the trauma and wounds of life? Shana Yadid found that animals helped her to overcome her trauma and now she is helping others overcome their trauma. She has always had a special bond with animals, especially the misunderstood. Using her unique bond with dogs, she has trained over 500 dogs and their owners over the course of my six year dog-training career.

Connecting with your audience with Erik Cabral

Content is king in modern marketing. Every guru has a formula on what kind of content you should be creating and how often you should be posting. Often in the push to create more content we lose our focus. The content becomes sloppy and the needs and desires of our audience are not met. So how do we keep our authenticity of message in the content we create?

Turning Passion Into Business with Eileen Kenney

Turning passion into business is the benchmark of many entrepreneurs, but how do you turn what you love into business? In today's episode we chat with Eileen Kenny about her journey of turning her love of horses into a business. She also shares her story of entrepreneurship.

Creating Workplace Wellness with Sammy Courtright

Creating a 'well' workplace is becoming more important for business owners, entrepreneurship, and even co-working spaces to consider when they think of their workforce. Gone are the days where wellness was the sole responsibility of the employee. But what does it mean to build space for wellness in business? What should employers provide and employees expect in a modern workplace?