From Music Industry Leader to Marketing Guru | Claude Zdanow

Claude Zdanow has chased his dreams since he was a child.  He has built successful recording studios working with people like Drake, Eminem, Yo Yo Ma, The Chainsmokers, and the Chicago Symphony.  He is now on a new journey as he builds the Stadiumred Group.

In today's episode Claude and I also discuss marketing, the changing music industry, building a business as you learn, building a lifestyle brand, evolving your business, see the future in business, perseverance in hard times, believing in your mission, the tools of marketing, the truth about niches, tools versus offerings, and much more.

Jazz, Jesus, and the Business of Music | Eric Reed

Eric Reed is a piano player well know in jazz circles.  He has played with some of the great musicians of our time.  In today's episode Eric shares the keys to success on how to navigate the business of music for the next generation.  We also dive deep into creating your signature sound as a musician.  Being a musician is balancing the art with the industry of music.  Eric's passion for music is rooted deeply in family and faith.  He shares how these two elements build his success in music and how it impact his humanity.

E71 | Innovation in Making Instruments | Jonathan Hodgetts

What does it take to make instruments like tubas, trumpets, french horns, euphoniums, and saxophones?  Jonathan Hodgetts set out to innovation in the world of brass instruments all while making the cost more assessable to musicians.  In his quest he has re-birthed old instruments and created new models.  

Wessex Tubas was established by experienced British tuba player, Jonathan Hodgetts, in 2010, with the aim of bringing the pleasure of brass music making to the masses.

E53 | Building a Legacy Guitar Amp | Mac Skinner

In today's episode we chat with Mac Skinner, Co-Owner of Two-Rock Amps.  We chat about how he went from working in the restaurant world to being a co-owner of a boutique guitar amp company.  Two-Rock amps have been used by some of the leading guitar players around the world including John Mayer, Matt Schofield, Eric Gales, and Steve Kimock.

Founded in 1999 with performance and customer service in mind, Two-Rock Amplifiers was founded by Bill Krinard and Joe Mloganoski and in just a few years’ time, it became the boutique industry leader.

In November of 2016, Mac Skinner (Two-Rock operations exec) and longtime Two-Rock artist Eli Lester, teamed up to purchase the brand.  Additionally, they’ve brought back the original Two-Rock co-founder and designer, Bill Krinard as the designer/engineer on the team.

E15 | Creating Your Sound | David Leach

In this episode I talk to David Leach.  He is the Worship Director at Life Center Ministries in Harrisburg PA.  He is also a songwriter and has released two albums.  Prior to joining the Life Center Team, David worked in the Music Industry.  In this episode we talk about a wide range of topics including the evolution of the music industry, songwriting, collaboration, community, and the changing landscape both in America and the Church globally.  David's journey will inspire you to follow your passions and become who you were created to be.