Writing and Running with Martin Dugard

Throughout Martin Dugard's life, running has been a consistent place he always returns. He's written for Outside, Sports Illustrated, and Runner's World about the world of running. He recently updated and rereleased his best selling book 'To Be A Runner'. Since his start as a writer, Martin has gone on to be a New York Times bestselling author writing books with Bill O'Reilly, James Patterson, and Mark Burnett.

Food, Travel, and Hit Television | Phil Rosenthal

Phil Rosenthal created Everybody Loves Raymond and now he's on a new adventure creating and staring in the hit Netflix show 'Somebody Feed Phil'. 

In today's episode Phil shares how he got his start, writing a hit TV show, turning your passions and dreams into a vocation, why everyone should travel, the importance of celebrating diversity, family and friendship, never waiting from one day, planning your trip, living beyond expectations, and more.

E25 | Life after The Late Show with David Letterman | Bill Scheft

Bill Scheft is known for his writing for Late Night and The Late Show with David Letterman.  He has written several novels including The Ringer, Shrink Thyself, and Time Won't Let Me.  In this episode Bill shares the story from his career including stories about Don Rickles, working on The Late Show, his talented wife Adrianne Tolsch, his band The Truants, his various novels, the new documentary 'Take my nose...Please', and so much more.  Later in the episode Bill gives some incredible tips for writers.  It has been a dream come true to interview Bill.  This is a very funny interview that you won't want to miss.

E11 | The Importance of Collaboration | Kïrsten Blake

In this episode I talk to Kïrsten Blake the creator and founder of Chapter Be, writer, and podcaster.  She discusses new chapters of life, the importance of collaboration & community, overcoming fear, and current trends in education.  Her stories will encourage you to explore what could be and chase your dreams.