The Power of Adventure with Michael Woodward


Have you ever felt stuck in your life's routine? Do you feel like you are playing it safe and not taking the risks to move your dreams and ideas forward? You might need The Power of Adventure back in your life. In the last few weeks we've discussed 'The Power of Boredom' and 'The Power of Wonder'. On today's episode we chat about 'The Power of Adventure'. Many of us choose to life the safe and comfortable life instead of stepping into the life we were designed to live. Our lives feel small and insignificant. One tool that you can use to step into the unknown and overcome the fears is The Power of Adventure.

In segment one of today's episode I share a few stories about a trip that I took a few years back. I share how an old woman lost in NYC found her way, how my wife and I were kicked off a bus in the middle of one of the worst sections of New York, and how these stories unlock the power of adventure in our lives.

The the second segment we discuss the 'why' behind a lifestyle of adventure. We talk about how adventure leads you to the unknown. How adventure forces you to face your fears. How adventure forces you to trust the people around you. How adventure forces you to have new perspectives. And finally, how adventure opens new possibilities. I share how the 'why' behind adventure drives you towards your dreams and ideas and becomes a tool for unlocking the future of your dreams.

The the third segment we discuss the 'how' behind using adventure as a tool to make your dreams and ideas of reality. In this segment we give you easy tips on how you can shift your life from ordinary to a life filled with adventure.

It's time for you to bring adventure back into your life and step into a the new possibilities of your dreams and ideas.

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