Unstuck from Safe | Captain Jim Palmer


How can you stop living the 'safe life' and start living the 'adventure of your life?'  Captain Jim Palmer shares how he and his wife sold their home, bought the boat, and started their own adventure.  He also shares how he runs a successful business from the high seas ultimately creating life on his terms.

On today's episode Jim shares how to design the life you want to live, living on your own terms, getting unstuck from the safe life, moving from predictable and reliable to exciting and adventurous, the seasons of life, living everyday so it feels like vacation, overcoming the 'What ifs', being willing to invest in success, finding a mentor, and much more..

Jim Palmer is a serial entrepreneur, marketing expert and an in-demand small business coach.  For the past 30 years Jim and his wife Stephanie were practical and predictable living a modest life in suburban Philadelphia where they raised four children.  In 2016 Jim and Stephanie traded practical and predictable for adventurous and exciting!  They sold their home of 30 years to live full time on their boat and only then did Jim truly leverage his Dream Business to live his Dream Lifestyle.

Captain Jim is the founder of the Dream Business Academy, a live business building seminar and Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program.  He is a video marketer and podcaster who has taught thousands of entrepreneurs both virtual and one on one in his mastermind and coaching programs.  He has written and published 7 books about marketing and business building strategies and has started and grown multiple six figure businesses.
Today, from his Floating Home, Captain Jim teachers entrepreneurs and small business owners how to create their Dream Business so they too can live their Dream Lifestyle.

Interview Segments - This is where you can find each section of the interview.

Intro / About Jim: 1:34 minutes
Interview: 5:01 minutes
Rapid Rire Questions: 42:10 minutes

Website: http://www.getjimpalmer.com/
Floating Home: http://ourfloatinghome.com/