Connecting Through Story | Cary Burkett


Cary Burkett is an American radio broadcaster and former comic book writer best known for co-creating the DC Comics character Nemesis with artist Dan Spiegle. Recently Cary founded Red Bird Visions. 

On today's episode Cary shares about the world of comics, NPR, Acting, Story & Story telling, integrity in story, faith, faith past the dream, grey seasons of life, recapturing passion, and life after retirement.

Redbird Visions is a company dedicated to creative expression from a Christian perspective in a variety of forms. The major online project is a superhero graphic novel titled Those Who Walk in Darkness, presented in animated episodes. The creator of Those who Walk in Darkness is Cary Burkett, who has been a radio and television broadcaster and producer for over 30 years. He has also been a professional actor, voiceover artist and writer. He was a writer and editor at DC Comics, where he created the character Nemesis with artist Dan Spiegel. He has also written for Marvel Comics and Red Circle Comics.

Cary Burkett attended the University of Texas at Austin and earned a BFA degree in theater. He moved to New York City and performed in Off-Broadway productions and wrote comic books for DC Comics. His first credits for DC were writing text articles and responses to readers' letters in the letter columns of various titles. Burkett's first published comic book story was titled "When You Wish Upon A Star" and appeared in House of Mystery #255 (November–December 1977). His best known comics work is the character Nemesis. The character's civilian secret identity of Thomas Tresser was created by Burkett in 1979 and named for an actor with whom he was rooming with in New Hampshire. The character debuted in an eight-page backup story in The Brave and the Bold #166 (September 1980) written by Burkett and drawn by Dan Spiegle. The "Nemesis" feature ran in issues #166 through 192, and the character teamed-up with the Batman in #170 and #193. Another Burkett-created character, the Swashbuckler, debuted in Detective Comics #493 (Aug. 1980) but never appeared again.

In 1983, artist Rich Buckler recruited Burkett to write the Mighty Crusaders title for Archie Comics. That same year saw Burkett begin a two-year run on DC's The Warlord title. He wrote for Marvel Comics as well, scripting an adaptation of the Sheena film and stories for Marvel Team-Up and The Spectacular Spider-Man. Upon finishing his run on The Warlord with issue #99 (November 1985), Burkett left the comics industry.

Following his departure from comics, Burkett relocated to Pennsylvania and became a radio broadcaster for WITF-FM in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He hosted Classical Air, a classical music program. In 2011, he was a poetry reader for the Sunderman Conservatory of Music at Gettysburg College.

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