The Story Behind CBS's Scorpion | Walter O'Brien


Walter O'Brien inspired the popular CBS TV show, Scorpion.  The show is based on the life of the real Walter O'Brien.  

On today's episode the real Walter O'Brien share how the show is inspiring a new generation of geniuses to tap into their full potential.  We also dive deep into how matching IQ and EQ on your team is the key to unlocking it's full potential. 

In today's episode we discuss IQ versus EQ, situational matching, focusing on your strengths, outsourcing your problems, effective problem solving, how to build successful projects, staying on the pulse of trends and technology, being a visionary, communicating the future, inspiring kids with science, finding focus, Artificial Intelligence, VI, and much more.

Walter O'Brien (aka “Scorpion”) is a top computer scientist, businessman and the Founder and CEO of Scorpion Computer Services, Inc. Walter O’Brien and his company are the inspiration behind CBS’s top tech-drama, Scorpion.

Walter O'Brien was born in 1975 in Clonroche, Ireland, where he grew up on a dairy farm. O’Brien’s interest in computers began while attending computer science classes at his primary school, St. Patrick's National School. His parents bought O’Brien his first personal computer, an Amstrad model CPC464, when he was just nine years old. 

When he was 13 years old, his family moved to Rosshaven, Ireland, where O'Brien started Scorpion Computer Services to provide computer consulting and security services. After graduating from the prestigious Sussex University with a degree in Artificial Intelligence, he moved to the United States. Scorpion Computer Services moved to the U.S. in the late 1990s and became what it is today: A global think-tank-for-hire that solves any funded problem with a budget over $10K. Like a super butler at your service - someone whom you outsource any problem to that is not your core competency - the company provides solutions for some of the world’s most complex problems.

In September 2014, CBS premiered the first season of Scorpion, which attracted more than 26 million viewers. O’Brien is as an Executive Producer for the series and regularly contributes to story development, providing insight on technical problems and how he would solve challenges presented in the show's scripts.

Now in its fourth season, O'Brien said he introduced the idea for the show to executive producer Scooter Braun to attract talent to his company, inspire young children to pursue STEM fields and to encourage all generations to celebrate intelligence. O’Brien also founded Scorpion Studios and is credited as a Technical Advisor on the blockbuster Spiderman: Homecoming, co-produced by Sony's Columbia Pictures and Disney's Marvel Studios.

In April of 2017, O’Brien became the youngest recipient of the Humanitarian Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in philanthropic ventures which create positive societal change. His other philanthropic works are numerous, including Code Wars, California State Science Fair, MENSA, MIT Technology Review, the Junior Achievement Conference, Project ECHO, Superhero Brain and Houston Technology Center. 

He also received C-Suite Quarterly's Visionary award in 2017 and funded Kilkenny’s Taxi Watch, a suicide-prevention program that has saved more than 130 lives since its inception in 2014. Often appearing on CNBC, Fox News and CBS as an expert on computer security, O'Brien has contributed to XPRIZE selection as part of XPRIZE Visioneering.

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