Aiming Big on Scary Goals | Monica Louie


Monica Louie's journey into entrepreneurship started with a blog sharing her story and helping others.  Along the way she learned how to leverage Facebook ads to promote her business.  Now she teaches other entrepreneurs how to use that knowledge to grow their businesses too.

In today's episode we discuss digital marketing, Facebook Ads, Paying off debt, blogging to help people, testing ad campaigns, using Facebook to grow your business, defining audience, taking proactive action, giving back, and much more.

Monica Louie is a Facebook ads coach and strategist who helps ambitious online entrepreneurs grow their impact and their profits with the power of Facebook ads. She has worked on hundreds of Facebook ad campaigns, including several traffic campaigns with cost per click as low as $0.02 and conversion campaigns with cost per result as low as $0.35. Her online journey began in 2015 when she shared how her family paid off $120,000 of debt in two years on a single, middle-class income. When she’s not playing in the Power Editor, she can be found hiking in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, dog, and two kids.

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Intro / About Monica: 2:07 minutes
Interview: 6:53 minutes
Rapid Rire Questions: 42:02 minutes

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