Monetizing Everyday Content with Emile Mimran


It seems that everyone is a social media marketer or influencer making millions of dollars of their content. The reality is that it is much harder to monetize your digital content. Emile Mimran built Adinlay to solve that problem by making it easy for everyday people to monetize their social media posts. Adinlay is making it simple to connect with corporations you love and then to turn your posts into extra cash.

In today’s show, we chat about how you can leverage your social media channels to make more money, the power of content creation, what it’s like to build a startup, and much more.

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More about Emile Mimran

Emile is the founder and CEO of Adinlay. Adinlay connects great brands to real people (sorry robots!), to create a social advertising platform fueled by great content, honest connections, and real engagement. 

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