Simplicity in Entrepreneurship | Michael Woodward


Entrepreneurship is a difficult journey.  What if I told you that you are making it harder?  Today I share why simplicity should be the core of how you should chase your big ideas and dreams.  In the episode we redefine simplicity and complexity to better communicate how you can simplify ideas and dreams.  I also share how simplicity became part of my entrepreneurial journey.  Here are a few key tips for the episode:

  1. Simplicity isn't easy, it's intentional

  2. Simplicity isn't cheep

  3. Simplicity isn't boring or bland

  4. Simplicity solves complex problems

  5. Simplicity gets to the point

  6. Simplicity is observant

  7. Simplicity unclutters

  8. Simplicity focuses on what matters and significance

  9. Simplicity makes unspoken spoken

  10. Simplicity forces you to slow down

5 ways to be a simple dreamer or entrepreneur

  1. Only focus on what matters. Have a singular focus.

  2. Slow down

  3. Asses and adjust - be intentional, remove the bloat

  4. See less so you can see more

  5. Know what to overlook