A New Season | Michael Woodward


Season Two of the jumbleThink Podcast is here.  On today's episode we give you an insight of all the exciting stuff happening at jumbleThink.  We start with a glimpse into our new format for season two.  In the new season we are going deeper into the ideas and dreams behind leading entrepreneurs who are changing the world through innovation.  Their stories are will inspire your dreams, give you tips for chasing your own ideas, and help you begin the journey to change the world around you.  We are also trilled announce IdeaCamps coming in 2018.  In spring of 2018 we will launch Virtual IdeaCamps where you can join the jumbleThink community with Video Tutorials, Webinars, MasterMind Groups, and One on One Consulting.  To get more information head over to https://www.jumblethink.com/ideacamp and fill out the quick online form.  As an added bonus we are giving you free access to our private Facebook Group when you sign up for more information.  2018 is going to be a great year for jumbleThink and we look forward to you being apart of the community.

IdeaCamp: https://www.jumblethink.com/ideacamp
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