Be Bad to be Great | Michael Woodward


Entrepreneurs desire to be great, but what does it take to be great?  In today's episode we discuss why you must 'Be bad to be great'.  

All of us have our heroes in life.  We perceive these people in mythical ways.  We think that their story is unreachable or that we could achieve the same success.  The truth is that they are not superhuman but have chosen to take the risk of being bad so they they could reach their full potential.

In the episode we give you 5 tips on how being bad is your key to success.

  1. By being bad you learn what you like and dislike. You learn your strengths and your weaknesses.

  2. You free yourself from expectations of perfection and set milestones on your journey instead of unreachable goals.

  3. You use trial, error, and failure in your journey to finding the right answer to your dreams and ideas.

  4. You allow yourself / your dream / your idea the room for learning, growing, and evolving.

  5. You approach failure with resolve to drive you forward to reach your dream and big idea.

All of us, no matter the status of our journey, can learn from being bad in our journey to greatness.